Sunday, April 13, 2014


Steven asked fans' opinions on the 3 themesongs they would pick for him to sing live in his concerts.  Vote here Must have a weibo account to vote.
Current ranking: 1) Heaven's Will  2)Pitnol  3)Domd1998

Malaysia Astro 1st quater Polls
Vote for best tvb series  (check SIAC - at the bottom) and for best actor (Check Steven's Poon Ka Yeung of SIAC -2nd from bottom)


  1. Is that Astro poll official? Somehow sometimes I can vote and sometimes I can't, seems quite easy to be rigged so I hope that's not the official poll. Wish Steven would get recognition for his performance in SIAC. I mean, I like Ruco too (not as much as Steven, but that's besides the point), the point is I think Ka Yeung is a much more complex and harder character to portray that Ruco's in Outbound Love, and he nailed it.

    Same with SIAC as a drama. Outbound Love is quite good and entertaining but not as amazing as SIAC (minus the ending) in my opinion. Same with the pairing poll. To me, Stevia > RucoAimee. Would be disappointed if that's an official poll and that's the official result. There is a difference between agree to disagree, and disagree.

    As for his songs, I actually like themesong of SIAC (Duh! Obviously), SG and GW. Somehow Steven used different techniques to execute the different emotions that the song expressed. Love how he did it! Do you happen to have GW's full version as I can only find the opening theme version so far?

  2. Don't if the Astro poll is official or not, apparently there is no expiration date. Yes, very easily rigged so I actually lost interest in voting. Oh, I did not even know there is a poll for pairing too. Haha! SIAC is my favorite themesong too. I picked SIAC, the sentinel themesong, but could not decide between 'on the track and off' and GW but in the end picked ottoo cos' it is has a high energy beat and GW is a bit too sad for a concert. Though I love GW more than ottoo.

    There are several on youku

  3. I tend to like sad song more, and I tend to like surreal type of song, so I think that's why GW song attracts me.

    Thank you for the link!