Monday, April 21, 2014

Steven Ma asked for his opinion on siac ending spoof

粤夜粤娱乐 2014/4/21 11:13 
Steven's response on the spoof on Ka Yeung's tough life and tough head.Steven laughs off netizens' spoofs on his tough to kill off Ka Yeung. Steven does have a good sense of humor even at his own expense. Posted Image He was not angry, rather he appreciates the netizens' creativity on their spoofs. Good for Steven, but the scriptwriter truly let the viewers down with that double hard knocks on KY's head. What was he thinking coming up with that gimmick? And then of course there is the elusive joyous return of memory hug.


  1. LOL... I can't stop laughing at that video. I didn't laugh when I watched the series itself but thought the second hit was unnecessary. I did like the first hit though because I like how Stevia was hugging after that LOL. Perhaps I am not a fan of titanic and only watched it once, that's why titanic didn't really cross my mind when I watched that scene.

    I like Steven's sport of humour and his appreciation of others creativity.

    But like you said, the scriptwriter did let viewers down on that second hit and especially especially ESPECIALLY the amnesia.

  2. Both the host and hostess of this 粤夜粤娱乐 tv program have a soft spot for Steven cos' as entertainment news hosts go they are relatively lenient on him in their reporting of his news. I laughed out loud too at watching that clip though I knew of the hard work put into filming that scene. That Titanic Rose and Jack scene is totally iconic. I did enjoy the movie when it first came out but I was amazed to read of people watching it like 10 times or so, and before too long I was totally bored of listening to "My Heart will go on" played over and over again everywhere I went. Titanic is a favorite rerun on US tvs.