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Updated with audio transcript: Steven Ma promotes his new song: I'm getting married.

Steven's 4/29/2014 10-11 am radio interview on 903 Good Morning King

credit Jackielh for the audio clips used in my video
listen to his "I'm getting married" at 20:15

Article compiled from the radio interview and various news reports. 
Yesterday (4/29/2014), Steven Ma went on Sammy Leung (森美) and Kitty Yuen (小儀) hosted CRHK radio program, "Good Morning King" (早霸王) to plug his upcoming Cherish2 album second song, "I'm getting married" (我要結婚了). Earlier on he and Fala have already plugged their duet, Platonic Love《非戀之情》, of the same album.  Like its predecessor, Cherish2 also imparts Christian messages of love and faith through music, this time showcasing various forms of love as its theme.  Although the instrumental part of Cherish2 is also all live studio recording, Cherish 2 will not be marketed as a HiFi cd unlike Cherish 1. Also Cherish2 is locally produced in Hong Kong. To match the lyrics of "I'm getting married", the promotional giveaways to the radio stations and staff are made to look like wedding invitation cards.

-- radio interview transcript

When Steven handed out his encased single to the station people, they commented that the packaging resembled a wedding invitation card. Steven said: "The promotional colleagues came up with this idea.  I saw them (cards) for the first time today. I didn't know they made it (the single cd jacket) look like this.  Initially, I thought it looked like a birthday card, and then it looked more like a Christmas card too."  The song tells of the dilemma confronting the groom-to-be on whether to paint the town red with his 'brothers' or to stay home to get enough sleep for his big day tomorrow.

When asked when he is going to hand out his own wedding invitation cards, Steven smiled and said: "Not in the plans yet. But if there is this one day I'll publicly announce it. Anyway, I read in the newspaper that William So is getting married on  Christmas this year, way before me so I should probably dedicate this song to him. Two weeks ago, I encountered him in the recording studio but he did not mention his wedding."

Steven invited Fala Chen to portray the bride-to-be in the mv.  The song is about a man going out with his 'brothers' to party on his wedding eve. Steven said: "Have never shot a mv this crazy; dancing wearing a bathrobe, pretending to be a wolf." (Will you go out to party with your 'brothers' on your wedding eve?) I most likely would go out with my 'brothers' to celebrate the last day of my single life. My concerns would be having eye bags and not be able to get up the next day.  (Not worried of temptations screw-ups?) At my age I've enough self-control, also I've confidence in myself; pretty sure I can resist the temptations."

Steven's next upcoming plug song is the song he dedicated to his father scheduled for Father's Day.


loose paraphrasing of conversations.
hosts: Sammy Leung, Kitty Yuen, Ah kit, Sai Gua
guest: Steven

mhost: So ,why "I'm getting married?" Are you truly going to get married?

S: No, just the song title. This time around, the album has 9 new songs.  Every song expresses a different kind of love/affection/sentiment (情) So there are familial love, friendship, altruism, and for this one - it's marital love. It tells of a man's feeling on his wedding eve. An angel vs devil dilemma. Should he or should he not go out with his brothers for a last fling or stay put at home.

mhost: So it's an internal struggle?

S: Yes, because we (him and his team) noticed that wedding songs are often written from a female's pov. 

mhost: That's true because a wedding is a big deal to women, a pivotal event in their lives.  We men, if can, prefer to avoid any mention of it.  If married, pretend still single.  If single, ignore marriage.  And you, sing about it? 

S: Yep,  that's what this song is about that.

mhost: There you go again, still sing? (on marriage)

S:  If getting married tomorrow, a man also will say goodbye to his previous single lifestyle of a ma lat zai  (bachelor). And the next day he'll begin another as someone's husband.  Start taking care of wife

fhost: So, goodbye to the exes

mhost: Yee, looks like you have many

S: I wasn't thinking of the exes

fhost: you thought of ex-cuse me.  haha!

mhost: or x-men! haha!  When married, may really have to say bye bye to x-men (toys).

S: Truly, when married, have to make many changes different from previous lifestyle. No matter what, there will be changes.

mhost: You women don't throw away your high heels but your (husbands) x-men are all thrown away.  Have you watched Ironman?  The wife burned the whole collection of Ironman stuff.

S: I'm not into Ironman, I collect Bumblebee stuff. 

mhost: What if your significant other insists on you to throw away your bumblebee collection, your transformers?

S: It's not like there is no space to keep them, so why throw them away? (haha! Steven's response is so naive! mhost is not talking about about space, it's about a wife's control, power over husband but Steven failed to immediately grasp the hidden meaning of mhost's question.)

mhost: hahaha! That's the strange part. haha! So a man's mindset can be so straightforward.

S: That's why the most important thing is to give space to each other.

mhost2: Because if you throw away them, you'll become a real adult, no need for toys.

S: I don't think anybody can truly become an adult. (mature) Like even your girlfriend, sometimes you'll look upon her as mother when you need some comforting from her, or other times I might become father or gor to her, or she becomes elder sister, no need to especially become adult.

mhost1: So you'll insist on keeping your bumblebee collection?

S: of course, they're very expensive. They know how to move. Need batteries.

mhost1: What? You don't know how to move?

S: Do you know how to move wearing high heels?

mhost1: Get me a pair and I'll show you I can move in them.  So, this man (in the song) sitting there telling his friends that he is going to become a real man taking care of his wife, discard other things; is there an ending to the story? A conclusion of what he'll do in the end?

S: The conclusion is he is confident to be with her; that he'll change for her.

fhost: So, he will throw away the stuff

mhost: Liar! Steven Ma, you're lying!

S: The change is in the heart ba,  it's the mindset.  Maybe (after married) won't buy too many new ones (bumblebees). I meant in the song, will change. I'm not talking about myself in  real life.

Haha! Haha!

S: In the song, he'll be with her to face life together.

mhost1: So did you have a sly smile when you sang the song?

S: I think I had had some wine when I sang.

fhost: To convince yourself

S: We've already shot the mv and Fala's the leading lady, and I've 3 'brothers' in real life. Namely: Brian Wong Chak Fung (黄泽锋), Lam King Kong (林敬剛) and Choi Tze Yan.  They all three are my close friends. Also if one day I marry, these three will be my 'brothers'.

mhost1: So what did they do?

S: They are the demons. Fala is the bride. So between them demons and angels, should he go out to party. We filmed all that - in our bathrobes dancing,  drinking champagne.  Pretend to be wolves.

mhost1: Yeah, a bachelor party, but they (the stuff Steven described) are no big deal. Lo To Jai, tell Steven what you did in your bachelor party.

LTZ: Of course, went out with the 'brothers' to look up jiejie jai to have fun.

fhost: If you're looking for jie jie jai, should look me up then.

mhost: The definition for jie jie jai suddenly changed.

S: I want to know where you find the jie jie jai.

mhost: In the old folks home

--  chat skipped ---

mhost: Men are just all talks, in the end, no jie jie jai, just figment of their imagination.

fhost: but women are different. I know women who on their wedding eve actually invited good looking foreign male models to have party.

mhost: That's why the men feel the inequality -- if women did that it's called bold, for the men it's despicable.  We men are so pitiful.  In the olden days, it was the other way round.  (fhost: True, what is now called bold women they were labeled as sluts in the olden days.) So now we men draw the short straw. But, you should have Fala having fun with your three brothers (in the mv) instead.

S: Yee? That would work too.

mhost: Steven is a very traditional man. Close mike -- Steven was saying how, now that they are married, can they make their women happy. I say where got this kind of men wo?

S: They were just talking. The topic can come up, like prior to the wedding they may have that thought.

mhost: Worry they can't give happiness to their wives?

S: The pressure is greater as married men.

mhost: good board and lodging. (good life)

S: Well, yeah. You've to do that. But then most women work these days so can help out

mhost: So, does that mean your 'brothers' are mostly hobos/drifters?


S: It costs a lot, (to get married) including have a wedding banquet, that is really costly.

mhost: For wedding banquet; the red packet money would help

S: For close friends and relatives, I will give more money to help them out with balancing the banquet expenses.

(A host cuts in to say he gives HK$10,000 as red packet money. Chorus: Wah, so much? Then after much questioning, turn out the red packet was given by the host's father for his whole family of 5, not he giving HK$10,000 for himself.  So actually HK$2000 for each person.)

mhost: Steven, just ignore him

S: I felt the pressure too, HK$10,000 as a red packet money is truly big. The most I've ever given was HK$3000 

-- chatting skipped --

mhost: Have you thought about what kind of wedding you would like to have for your own?

S: I'd go for the more traditional wedding ceremony. Have a wedding banquet - doesn't matter western or Chinese ceremony, just that be it my father or my family members or friends, they all have wedding banquets. (Traditional?) Yes, traditional.

mhost: But I feel that artists having a wedding banquet is very, very, hem, very..

S: Like giving a show?

mhost: Well, it's more like very awkward, whether to make it a show or not.

S: Of course not be a show lah. The guests would do the show ma.

mhost: Would you ask your guests to sing?

S: Of course.

mhost: How about yourself? Would you sing?

S: I think I would


mhost: What would you do? Would you drink spicy hot pepper oil? (to dramatize deep love)

S: Crazy!

mhost: He called me crazy! haha! I was thinking, as actor and singer, singing a song is no big deal, so drink spicy hot pepper oil. If I marry I'll arrange something dramatic.

S: I think, I think I'll do something for her. -- maybe film a mini movie.

mhost: A short film? wah!! --what so special about that? Have already watched your dramas with like 30 over episodes of your them, right?


S: Well, I'll think about it -- have not thought about it yet? Traditional intermixed with something different.

mhost: Well make it funny/comedic. You're never in a comedy drama

S: I've. Like A Watchdog's Tale and Better Halves.

mhost: Not that funny! Have you had spaghetti coming out of your nostrils?

S: Aiya! I don't know what to say to you. That's Stephen Chow's style.

mhost: Now that's funny. To top him you can have them (spaghetti) coming out from your ears too.

---- random chatting--

20:15-23:54  playing the song, "I'm getting married"

mhost: So the anticipation for the future is relax

S: Yes, it's relax and happy, and sweet feeling, has hope

mhost: Just that when you were singing this song, you did not know you had to throw away bumblebee. So what (strategy) have you two come up with on how to promote this song?

mhost2: "I'm getting married" last supper singing competition among the grooms-to-be.  They'll sing this song in the competition.  The champion will win the 'last supper' dinner.  Last supper meaning farewell to bachelorhood.  You all can decide what kind of dinner plan -- a jiejie jai plan vs conventional plan.  Steven will be there too in the dinner.

mhost: This plan is not bad but I suggest a bit of tweaking.  So besides the song, (married) the contestants will also sing a song of his own choosing for his bride and if he wins, Steven will attend their wedding.

S: So do I still need to give them lucky money?

chorus: No need to. 

mhost: So in this "I'm getting married" singing competition,  is workable.  Let's listen to what Sai Gua has come up with.

Sai Gua: This promo has to be in a departmental store.  It's called "Husbands' break/rest/leisure room" . Gist: Husbands accompanying wives on a shopping spree can take a break from shopping and bring along their wives' purchases to rest in this room. 

mhost: How does that promote Steven's song? I still don't get it.

Saigua: The song will be playing on a loop inside that room.


S: But I think the plan will actually hurt my song. You said the husbands carried with them their wives' purchases, don't forget besides carrying bags for their wives, their credit cards will be used for these purchases.  So looking at the purchases and listening to the song, won't that make them regret? 

mhost: How about this? Open a "I'm getting married" pawn.  Whatever the wives purchased the husbands pawn them for money back. Ok, between the two promo plans we'll use (the man's), though lame (but the better one between the two) . So here the promo plan for you. We'll arrange a singing competition for the grooms-to-be to sing their song (that they plan to sing in their own wedding) and the champion will have you sing "I'm getting married" in their actual wedding day.  Understand this that wedding is a big industry. The people put a lot of efforts and money to have a most memorable wedding so, all that promo and publicity (competition) will be good for your song.  Do you buy it?

S: Yes, I buy it.

mhost: Let's ask the listeners whether they buy or not by voting. Go to facebook page 早霸王 Good Morning King April 28 20140429 宣傳二次元 今日幫馬浚偉宣傳嘅企劃,喺結婚界搞個準新郎歌唱比賽,你鍾意嗎?快啲投票!! to vote.

mhost: The wedding industry is totally slanted towards the brides. Who cares about the husbands? I dislike brides whose pictures don't look like them at all.

S: Well, it's once a lifetime, and for me, suin la.

mhost: Just paste on Fala Chen's face (on the bride)

mhost: Let's see what the votes on the singing competitive plan?

fhost: woah, they liked it a lot -- over 90%  support. Lots of good comments

------ hahaha! --------

mhost: So have you performed in a friend's wedding?

S: Sang a song once. Was also a groomsman. It's at Dexter Yeung's wedding. The most tiring was being a groomsman, starting with taking of the guests and all. Accompanied him to pick up the bride, and the whole day was him

mhost cut ins: Went inside the bridal/nuptial chamber. 'dong fong' (洞房)

S: He took care of that himself.

mhost: So you did not do everything.

S: And there's still the after party.

mhost: Just now, so exaggerated, said it was from morning till night.

S: it's 24 hours, truly 24 hours

mhost: You know what. ai! You're unaware of the whole tradition.

S: What?

mhost: Traditionally, the groomsman had to do this 'ting fong'(聽房).

fhost: Wasn't that for the in-laws?

mhost: no, it's for the groomsmen

S: It's the teasing of the bride and groom in their nuptial chamber? (鬧新房)

mhost: Nao san fong (鬧新房) is prior to "dong fong". After teasing the newlyweds in their chamber

S (cuts in): And listen outside?

mhost: ya! Since you filmed ancient drama you know this

fmhost: Lick on it


mhost: Presto! A hole (window) and listen. Whether because they were too shy to 'dong fong'. You know lah, not like you as actor, can straight away strike up a romance. Unlike them they were in arranged marriage (had not seen each other prior) and young too. So now all of a sudden had them 'dong fong' so must listen to make sure they did it. If not, then would urge them to do it. Quick, quick! That's how. It's called 'ting fong'.

S: I really don't know how to respond to you.

mhost: You just remember it.

S: Why should I remember it?

mhost: As a good traditional man

S: All my brothers who will marry are all older.

fhost: Maybe they are shy

------ chatting---

mhost: Go write another song titled: I'm going to 'tong fong'. Time is winding down. When is "I'm getting married" be released?

S: The album will come out around mid-June

fhost: The songs are all done.

S: The songs are all done. Coming up will be another song on father. This will be the next plug.

mhost: That will be closer to Father's Day

S: Also, everybody, pay attention to its packaging, very cute. It's not just me on it. Very interesting/cute! It's not a 'tong fong' picture.

mhost2: It's your naked photo?

S: Would definitely not use interesting to describe my naked photo.

mhost: Let's not talk about it, making Steven feel so awkward but the others are not. Ok, best wishes on your album's success. After your SIAC, when is your next series in HK?

S: Won't be so quick, the earliest would be most likely year end, depending on schedule and the script.

mhost: let's listen to your songs for now. Relax and happy and getting married slowly. Whether it's "I'm going to dong fong" or "I'm getting divorce", or "I'm out", releasing each one by one (so sneaky)

S: The other two, will not do. But can consider the "dong fong' one.

mhost: Can also consider 'outed' ba, just as fantasy.


  1. When I first read the title, I really thought he was handing out wedding invitation card, but I was like, whose wedding is it though? Turned out that they were commenting that his new CD looks like wedding invitation card. Funny how Steven said it's like Christmas card.

    OT: I didn't know that William So hasn't married, for some reasons I always thought he was married.

    1. My fault - the misleading "wedding invitations" are in now quotes.