Monday, April 14, 2014

weibo 2014 April 14 Steven's reply to fan's question

Fan to Steven: I unexpectedly came across this online entry: To see the outside world, one must jump out of one's own framework, jump out of one's comfort zone; when opportunity knocks one must grab it. If one has a dream one must have the courage to pursue it, to build it; only then one will have the opportunity to realize that dream!!. ps @Steven, can you tell me, in pursuit of the dream in one's heart, is it really possible to go after it unwaveringly without hesitation? Is it truly possible to have no reservations or concerns?

4月14日 08:40  If one has a dream but do not pursue, it will forever remain a daydream! Of course, in pursuit of one's dream, one must be prepared that efforts and rewards are often not proportional. But to courageously strive for it is by comparison more meaningful than to blame fate and everything else but oneself, even if in the end what is accomplished is not 100% but at least one has achieved more than just marking time! This is my current attitude in doing things, moreover, under the guidance of our Lord Jesus, it is enough we did our best, the rest leave it to the Lord to decide! Sharing! Grateful and praise the Lord!

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