Thursday, May 22, 2014

Updated Jul 28 2014: Movie "Next Station I love you" to pemiere in Australia and mainland China

China's first Christian movie:-  《下一站.再愛你》(Next Station I love you)  aka (真愛無悔) premiering across theaters in mainland on Aug 22 thru 24

ead story summary here
themesong "让爱动听" sung by Jocie Kwok 郭美美 (Singaporean singer)
Steven sang this song  (生命因爱动听)  live before on Albert Au's 2010 radio program 

TME website
pix source
mainland time and venues schedules 

video source

vid source

Theme song
The movie will be shown in over 3000+ cinemas across mainland China in August. (fingers crossed)

source: pps

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------Movie will premier first in Australia -----

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