Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Steven Ma and Fala Chen oppose eating dog meat


Recently, Steven Ma has been promoting his new music album, now in its final stage of production the album will be launched in June this year. To appease fans' anticipation, the mv of his "Platonic Love" duet with Fala Chen that has recently been plugged on various radio stations and media outlets will be released online on May 7th, a free for all preview for fans' enjoyment.

Steven appreciates the public feedback on Platonic Love after its plug. He and Fala also love this song because it expresses that besides the invaluable romantic love there are also different kinds of love such as: familial love, friendship love and even the love between owners and their pets. Thus,'Platonic Love' mv even included a pair of cute dogs in its filming.

Steven and Fala are both dog lovers. During the mv filming they shared their love for dogs. They expressed that they would never eat dog meat, and that they are totally against consumption of dog meat!* From young Fala had wanted to own a dog but her parents forbade so she didn't, now she only has a cat as pet at home. As for Steven, since losing his pet dog ten years or so ago, he has put off getting another pet dog due to his hectic work schedules and his constant absences in Hong Kong. Steven believes that dogs are sentient and should be treated lovingly. He gets enraged whenever he reads news of human cruelty towards the little animals.

Steven will soon be flying over to Atlantic City in US this week for a concert. Earlier, he has been busy in his album production so has skimped on rest, so, when done with his US concert he will first fly to Taiwan for a break, and then onward to S. Korea to buy clothes in preparation for his new music album's promotions and launch in June. Steven said: "I like to be hands-on, but of course I'll accept other professional opinions. I truly attach a great importance to this June launching of my new album. After my return from S. Korea I'll be fully engaged in the next round of promotions for this album."

*Incredibly there is actually an annual June dog meat eating festival in Guangxi, China (广西玉林夏至荔枝狗肉节) . Like Mala, many Hong Kong and mainland celebrities have taken a stance to oppose killing dogs for consumption. 

per Steven's weibo, their 'Platonic Love' mv will be online this evening, so keep an eye out for it. 

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