Tuesday, May 20, 2014

REVISED copy 5/22/2014: Steven's father mv short film/song entitled Ba Si

Ba Xi ==play on bus (in Cantonese) and baba (father)

re song and lyrics  go here

Steven Ma . MV Short Film
Original screenplay . producer Steven Ma
Performed by: Steven Ma, Hugo Chan, Wong Pui Chi
Steven Ma Production: Ba Si

0.03-0.06 Everyday, sitting inside the bus looking out the window
0.07-0.08 watching lots of people getting on and off the bus
0.09-0.12 going to work, got off school, hurrying home
0:13-018 But they never notice the bus driver greeting them with a smile.
0.19-0.20 My father is that driver
0.23- 0.24 He works this hard all for our whole family
0.25-026 I’m very touched
0.28-0.29 So baba, you are no.1

1:00-1.01 Very hungry
1:04-1.05 Eat slowly, no hurry!
1.09 How’s our son? Obedient or naughty?
1.11-1.15 Don’t be silly, our son is always well behaved. Don't you know?
1.17-1.22 By the way, have you noticed recently that our son likes to draw?
1.24-1.24 Oh
1.25-1.25 Why not..
1:27 -1.27 Wah!
1:30-131 Help me clean up
1:32-1.33 Wei, wei, don’t forget to buy breakfast for our son

1:35 Lo ban (boss)
1:35 Good morning
1:37-1.42 The usual, right? Cha siu bao, siu mai.
1.44-1.46Here you go. You’re truly a 24 hour (good) father. Everyday, buy breakfast for your son.
1:47-1.48 Nah
1.49-1.49. Gotta go, bye!
1.49-1.49 bye bye

2.17- 2.20 Hi Son, drawing? Seems pretty good?
2.21-2.25 But of course! Don’t worry, I’ll sure draw you a picture. Show off! If you’re so good, draw me a gigantic picture then.
2.28-2.30 OK, next time! here, eat! Show off!
2.34-2.35 Truly a cha siu bao

2.58-3.00 Mrs. Ma!
3.01 -3.01What is it, Mrs. Chan?
3.02- 3.04Look at your son, drawing all over the place. So naughty!
3.05-306 So sorry! Sorry! I apologize
3.07-Don’t know how the father taught his son, so naughty!
3.09-3.09 Go ahead and say sorry la
3.10-3.10 Drew all over the place
3.11-3.11 Sorry, sorry,
3.12- 3.17Good timing, the father’s home. Look at how you taught your son? See, drew all over the place. Been taught good-manners or not?
3.18 What are you talking about?
3.19 That your father doesn’t know how to teach his son
3.20 Chun Jai, shut up!
3.21 I won’t
3.23 Shut up!
3.24 So naughty!

3.32-3.40 Chun Jai, come here. Come here! Why did you draw all over the place outside?
3.41 You told me to draw
3.43 I told you to draw but not draw all over the place
3.43 I drew it for you
3.49 So, you won’t admit you’re wrong? Still want to back talk?
3.52 I drew it for you
3.58-4.04 Fine! I bought this for you. But no more drawing. You can’t draw anymore
4.05-4.10 If can’t draw then not going to draw! Don't draw! Don't draw! Don't draw!
4.11 Shut up
4.11 Don't draw! Don't draw! Don't draw!
4.12 Shut up
4.13 Don't draw! Don't draw! Don't draw!
4.15 SHUT UP!
4.20 I HATE YOU!
4.21 Chun Jai ya! Chun Jai
(Baba NO.1)

5.49-5.53 Aiya! Why are you here? Go back to sleep!
5.54 So, why are YOU here? You two father and son, tempers are the same. Love him to death but care too much about face.  
10-6.11 Who ask him to be so naughty?
6.14 The son is still young. Teach him slowly! You’re a grown-up, surely you aren’t as childish as him?
6.26-6.32 Just now, hit him too hard. You think son will be mad at me?
6.34-6.41 Father and son, where got overnight enmity? Let’s go home
6.49 Wife, you go with me tomorrow to buy new drawing stationery for Chun Jai ba!
6.52 Just now you threw down the stuff with such style, go buy the stuff yourself.
6.55 Oh, c' mon! Go with me to buy ba!
6.59- Go by yourself
7.00 Wei!

7.05 I’m going to school now
7.57 I’m back!
8.25 Let’s eat!
Chorus: Wah! Great! Let’s eat! Let’s eat!
8.47 I’m done! You two are so slow!

9.8 Daddy, daddy! Come get on my bus!
9.09 What, get on YOUR bus? Don’t you have to wait for mommy?
9.11 No need!
9.13 Really?
9.13 Yes,

10.21 Wei, I’ve not got on the bus yet!

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revised May 22, 2014


  1. Please make the full translation and give us the lyrics of that song!!!!!

  2. I Iike the song, the whole ad very touching and meaningful, i cry after watched it. I like the scene after the child been slapped, he wrote on the wall "dad, you are No. 1".... very touching.

  3. I love this MV so much! The relationship between the dad and son is so touching! It's very interesting to see Steven portraying his own father opposite the little boy who acted as him. It was a weird (in a good way) feeling. The little boy is so cute and has a lot of chemistry with Steven. Unfortunately, the female lead in the MV is lacking in look-compatibility and chemistry with them. Somehow, she feels like an outsider in the MV sometimes. Probably because she looks too mature compared to Steven.
    Besides the touching story depicted with excellent acting in the MV, I also really like the song. The melody sounds so nice and the way he sang it was very soothing.
    Hope this kind of quality MV keeps coming up (with an improvement in female lead please)!

    1. I love it too. I thought performance wise, the 'mom' did ok but yeah lacking in look-compatibility and chemistry as not strong as the father-son duo. Have you listen to the whole song? http://stevenma-fanblog.blogspot.com/2014/05/stevens-ba-si.html

    2. I had, but wish there is a clearer version compared to the radio recording version. The clear music in the MV evidently does better justice to the song compared to the radio version.