Thursday, June 19, 2014

Steven endorsing 東網 as a trendy, timely news network

network = oriental daily, The Sun, ontv etc

watch video here


  1. His hair look better in these photos compare to his hair at 陈志云为电台主持的《命运交响厅分享会》举行活动.
    He also look good in white shirt and blue jeans ya..really 'macho' !!

    Penang, Malaysia.

  2. Yeah I totally agree about him wearing white shirts haha! Or even dashing when his entire attire is in white (the cycling event) *drooling* hehehe! :P

  3. Did you guys feel recently Steven rarely keep his weibo updated?? He seems ...? I meant even how busy in the past, he will still write a few sentences?

  4. Haha! I tell you we fans are so spoiled with Steven's diligence in updating his weibo that even when he skipped one day, some fans (not saying you) feel he had been away from weibo for ages, and of course, his reposting of someone's else post doesn't count as updates, cos' understandably we fans want to read his news not other unrelated people's news. And to answer your question I think Steven is still pretty diligence with updating his weibo with trivial stuff, but the days of more substantial entries (Yahoo blog and early weibo entries) are already a thing of the past way back when -- one reason being his innocuous entries can be reported by enterprising reporter lurking in his weibo to spin out a negative news report on him.

    Although Steven is generally diligence in updating his weibo regularly he does have brief periods of absence from weibo; the longest lasted almost a month when he was in negotiation with Tao Yuan Company (inciting fans' wild speculations as to why. lol).

    Recollect other brief infrequent periods of absence lasting 5 days to 1 week include: when he was away on vacations in Taiwan, frustrated with TVB's mistreatment and needed time-out to pull himself together, sequestered himself to work on Cherish1, extremely busy with work etc.

  5. Based on this video below whereby Steven lists his work for the 2nd half of the year, I think Steven is extremely busy and also he has plans that he can't reveal just yet so he is keeping mum for now.

    1. video:

  6. Hahaha! No worries! I'm just like any of the other fans, raping the weibo refresh button to see if he updated his weibo! :P Yeah exactly, since months back, he has been sharing his selfies like once every 2 days? 我们被他从坏了!So it seems ages when he is not around for just approx. 2 days! :( Wah, one month is a super long period to mia!! Hopefully this time he will be back soon! : ) Thanks for the video link Tamaya! : )