Thursday, June 12, 2014

Steven's complete set music albums.

credit photo to @Torrie_恩 6月12日 23:16

note: I actually have 13 of them though unfortunately only 4 are original copies.

ETA: 1995 cd reissued; cd cover/content scans;


  1. Wow...salute!
    I have none since just started to be his fan this year. But already placed my order for Cherish 1& Cherish 2.

    1. Where you buy cherish 1? Im been looking in yesasia they dont have it :(

    2. I've ordered cherish 1 & 2 from a cd shop but I'm not sure if they manage to find for me cherish 1. Hopefully by the time I receive my cherish 2 there will be surprise getting cherish 1 too^^

    3. Good luck on getting cherish1. Steven's out of stocks cds have been selling at exorbitant prices on ebay the last time I checked.

    4. I didn't know that ebay sells it. I checked ebay I don't see it selling it. I might check the CD store to see if they have it I think they mostly don't have it. I already order cherish 2 in yesasia waiting for it to come. I think its hard to finish Cherish 1 since its out of stock don't think they gonna restock it.

  2. I have 4 original CDs but will certainly scour the Internet for more to buy! :)