Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cherish2 "Have Mercy on Me"

audio clip  Have Mercy on Me 《憐憫我》
My absolute favorite song of the album《憐憫我》. Steven pouring out his heart in a song as prayer to God for His heavenly guidance and mercy. A sort of a Litany? I can imagine myself saying Amen to every invocation and supplication in the song. The feel of the song reminds me of  Lord's Prayer and Ave Maria asking for God's guidance. I love the violin and piano combo too. Listening to his sincere plea I too add in my own plea to our Heavenly Father for mercy on His people.
神啊 求祢憐憫我
因我的心投靠祢 在祢翅膀蔭下

神啊 求祢垂聽我

憑著祢豐富慈愛 進祢聖所

憑著祢引導 領我走公義路徑

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