Thursday, July 31, 2014

Steven's 3 new pairs of sunglasses

Good morning, flying off to Singapore with Pastor Enoch Lam for an evangelist event; happy! P.S. three sunglasses look, which one do you like best? thks, thks Bally,Adidas ,vivienne westwood anglomania.

sunglasses #1

sunglasses #2

sunglasses #3

Go to his weibo to cast your vote for your favorite sunglasses style.

Style wise, I personally like #3,  but sunglasses #1 look the best on his face. It maybe that I prefer the top 2 photos to the bottom 2. Either way Steven looks good and youthful in all four photos.


  1. what date is he going back to hongkong? and what terminal is he going to depart from singapore? and what time is he going to the airport inside the departure?

  2. I've no idea. Are you going to attend the Yeah Show in Singapore? You can ask him then.