Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Steven's Father-Bus topping the charts

Steven's Father-Bus song has been well received by both Hong Kong and mainland radio listeners.

2014-7-02 11:14  Just found out that 「爸士」tops the chart on "全國汽車音樂榜" . This is 「爸士」second time as champion. Very happy, very moved. Thank you for everybody's support, I'll continue to work hard! 剛剛知道「爸士」成為"全國汽車音樂榜"的冠軍歌,是「爸士」拿到的第二個冠軍,很開心、很感動,謝謝大家支持,我會繼續努力!// 

6月22日 12:15  Thank you, everybody, I'll continue to work, do well in music and in filming. // @出色堂小馬工作室 Congratulations to 「爸士」as this week metroinfo FM 99.7 「新城勁爆本地榜」champion song. !!!  

Congratulations to Steven, happy for him!

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