Sunday, July 6, 2014

Updated with songs: Radio Interview 2014 July 6th

credit songs compilation to:小涵_MC July 7 11:59
To listen to individual song goto baidu site code  kk1z
To listen to a longer audio goto jackielhy Steven commends this fanblog @100.30

Steven sang 15 songs in all: 1)你爱我 2)失乐园,2) IQ成熟时,4)那天在相聚, 5)小小豆芽梦,6) 最爱, 7)不要惊动爱情, 8)心里日记,9)笛子姑娘, 10)飞机师的风衣, 11)默默向上游,12)没那么简单, 13)陌上歸人, 14)等等等等, 15)生命因爱而动听。credit: jesssim weibo

To read weibo fans' running comment segment goto 2014-7-6 14:58
To listen to archive goto link

July 6th 2014 Sun at 9 pm-12 pm (HK time). Steven as guest on RTHK radio2 「2000靚歌再重聚」hosted by Albert Au. Steven and Albert 'jam' songs for 3 hours.  Steven sang some songs that he had never sung in public.

or listen 「2000靚歌再重聚」on RTHK page click on "live" archive for drop box;  click 收聽 MP3 next to "第二台" (icon will only appear at 9 pm) (direct live player link)


How gratifying was it to hear one's idol of many years commending one's fanblog, live on radio, no less? Total bliss! weibo page 4 comments link - page 5 

clamine:Fans! [good] 2014-7-6 23:22

jesssim:回复@clamine: stevenma-fanblog [good][good][good] 2014-7-6 23:24

clamine:回复@jesssim:[太开心] 2014-7-6 23:25

clamine:回复@jesssim:I've been slacking lately! 2014-7-6 23:26

jesssim:回复@clamine:哈哈,then you must catch up. 2014-7-6 23:27

jesssim:回复@clamine: He is there with you! 2014-7-6 23:28

clamine:回复@jesssim:Which radio interview should I start transcribing first? lol! 2014-7-6 23:32

jesssim:回复@clamine:哈哈!2014-7-6 23:35

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