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Steven & Susanna's GH concert photos and news

Prologue: Note: Steven and Susanna Kwan's Malaysian Genting Highlands Concert Day 1 Thursday (8/21/2014) opened to a full house and ended its last show on a high note with another sold-out concert. The auditorium seats about 3000. Apparently per jv entertainment weibo, Steven and Susanna's concert is the first time ever that GH Resort World held a 3-day concert. The concert is organized as a kick-off event for GH RW's 50th anniversary next year.

Oddly enough Susanna Kwan and Steven Ma’s first time collaboration is not to film a tv series together but to hold a joint concert in Malaysia instead.  Steven said it is his first time holding a concert in Malaysia.  The duo besides singing also invited random fans to get on the stage to sing, among them was a woman dressed in a polka-dot outfit, at seeing her Steven jested, "Siu Fung Jie is here!" (tn: in reference to HK singer, Paula Tsui 徐小鳳 in her 'famed' polka-dot stage costumes)

Thinking he had the Malaysian language down pat, Steven steps onto the stage and greets his audience: “Dai ka hou, Terima kasih!” (Audience: That’s “thank you!”) It’s not“How are you?”  Coached by the audience, Steven greets his audience, “Apa khabar?”  Seeing that the group of randomly selected uncles and aunties were unafraid to sing on stage, Steven quips to Susanna: “They sang so well, we should leave!” Susanna says: “We called them onto the stage to give them a present, but since they could sing so well they should give us presents instead.”  When presenting his signed photos to them, a fan asks Steven if the photos were taken when he was 18 years old, eliciting Steven’s pleased response: “They were taken yesterday.”  When a male fan requests Steven to sing the theme song of the TV series, “The Pride of Chaozhou 《我来自潮州》, Steven chuckles and says: “That’s an ATV tv series, don’t get confused. Haha! Not that it matters!”

Even though this is Steven’s first time performing on stage in Malaysia, his series of quips amused his audience greatly making them happy. After singing a series of tv theme songs, Steven then asks the audience if they liked his singing, he says: “If like, then applause loudly; if not, applause even louder. Haha!”

Steven has been in the industry for 20 years but he still maintains his looks very well, he says: “Still can deceive people ba! (tn: appearance)  In 1993 I participated in a singing competition. When debuted as singer, I released three music albums but they did not sell well. Then Lee Tim Sing and Catherine Tsang asked me to do a screen test for a tv series.  I didn’t know how to act then.  I was a singing competition champion but I had failed 43 times prior. Gradually my focus shifted from singing to filming mostly ancient period dramas because they thought that the shape of my head was suitable for ancient dramas.” When asked about the change in his collaboration mode with TVB, Steven says with gratitude towards TVB:  “Even though our collaboration mode is different but you all still can see me. TVB is my alma mater.”

Recalling singing Jackie Cheung’s “Lee Heong Lan”《李香兰》, Steven narrates: “At the time, my teacher said if not handsome but wanted to win then must pick a difficult song to sing”.   Purposely a leading remark to fish for compliments from the audience, Steven tries again and says "I know I’m not handsome" but the audience remains silent, so he says coyly: “Give some response ma!  I’d hoped to elicit your saying ‘not so’. You all don’t know how to sweet-talk...”  After that he mentions he has released a music album last year and this year too, and that he has written a separate song for his parents. Tonight he especially sings the song written for his father,《爸士》.

1st day:  想飞 / 曾经几许 / 水中仙 / 爸士 / 天意/ 海滩 + 新鸳鸯蝴蝶梦 + 戏班小子 / 李香兰 / 月亮代表我的心 / 不了情 + 新不了情 .

2nd day: 《心照》《往事只能回味》《明天會更好》《曾經幾許》replaced 1st night's《巴士》《月亮代表我的心》《在雨中》

3rd day: 《漫步人生路》

Duet with Susanna: 在雨中 / 两忘烟水里
Susanna: 为我献上心韵 / 永远守着他 + 甜蜜蜜 + 我只在乎你 + 千言万语 + 梦如人生 / 无心害你 / 万千宠爱 / 讲不出声

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  1. He looks absolutely gorgeous! My heart almost stopped beating. Thoroughly entertaining performance. Love his quick-witted humor on stage, really lively, very entertaining. Love his thoughtfulness on selecting some different songs for the second night so those who have attended the first show had something to look forward to, also different jokes, nothing stale. And how I love the way he talks with a drawl, really sexy, given his voice! Plus I managed to get a glimpse of him leaving the venue after the show, right from the main entrance after the crowd had dispersed, about 11:30PM the first night, 11:20PM (the second night), saw him leaving both the first night and second night too. No fanfare, in a simple polo and shorts (black on the first night, almost mistook him for one of the crew, and red polo and white shorts on the second night), just a very brisk walk to the waiting van by himself, not surrounded by his entourage, too fast for a quick photo. Two different nights, two different experience. Now I'm kicking myself for not having bought tickets for the last show tonight.

    1. Irene?
      Not sure if Remy Yoon (see msg board) still has the 2 tickets to let out. No harm to contact her to find out.(if time permits) at 0166813697

      Thank you for your on site glowing report on Steven's 1st two night concert. Can't get enough of Steven, eh? But the two nights of memories are enough to last you a lifetime -- you're one of the lucky SM fans. I would love to read your journal on your SM concert experience.

    2. Btw, I've added photos of Steven in his casual black shirt and shorts taken with fans or staff or crew to the above post.


    3. Hi Tamaya, I'm sorry I always forget to add my name. Your page is always inundated with comments and updates, it's easy to mistake it for FB,'s Hazel here. Thanks for the info on the concert tickets for the 23rd, I saw it too, but by the time I saw it, I was already back home. I hope to get around to writing about the concert experience soon, as soon as I get over basking in the warm memories of the concert.

      Btw, I believe Steven was kidding about the "terima kasih" thing, it was a deliberate move on his part to draw laughs from the audience, cos he actually said it as "talima kasi". That's why he's really good at endearing himself to the audience. He also spoke a little in English, Teochew and Hokkien on the first night.

      What's enjoyable about both the shows was that he took good care to ensure that the acts was not a fully rehearsed, and the fact that there were many spontaneous moments in each show. The first show included a lot more sharing of his personal life which made the audience warm up to him right away, and he managed to make the second show like a continuation from the first, as if the audience from yesterday's show were like old friends.

      And now I'm so tempted to share these thoughts with him, haha..

    4. Do share your thoughts with Steven directly on FB and weibo (If can, write in Chinese but English is ok too ). Upload your essay as an image onto your weibo and then post your essay link on Steven's weibo. Steven has reiterated many times that the best present to him is fans' thoughts on his work as he doesn't want fans to spend their hard-earned money on him. Hope it is alright with you that I open a post on your thoughts on the concert for convenient reading by my readers and for them to also share their comments .

    5. Hazel, too bad about the tickets.

  2. any videos of the concert! I wanna see him singing lol