Friday, October 17, 2014

「技行天下」last episode - animation

Guang Dong Satellite TV will air the last episode of its 6-episode「技行天下」program on this coming Sunday Oct 19.  Of the 5 episodes aired so far, namely: 1) fashion designer, 2) auto metal works, 3) carpentry, 4) courier service  5) cooling system , Team Steven has won 2, currently neck to neck with Team Little Gold Fish.  This last episode is on animation/drawing, with animation students as team competitors.  And of course, not surprising the result of this last episode has already been revealed on weibo, like how it was for its predecessors.

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9月27日 22:34 ; 9月27日 23:569月26日 20:369月27日 22:15今天 18:00

10月16日 17:37 

------ more work site and studio recording pix ------
--------- competition result-----
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Team Steven 《馬行天下》won. Their slogan is: Challenge Self; Win Self. 挑战自己,战胜自己. No surprise there since the result had been promptly revealed on weibo right after the live studio recording  @  9月28日 23:24



  1. Thanks Tamaya for uploading the last episode. That only young lady in the team of yellow tees is so fortunate to be able to take a pic so closely to Steven. Some more can cling her hand onto his arm. So lovey dovey. Haha��

  2. Tamaya, totally agreed with you. It would be great if Steven could do more TV drama series as well as singing rather than doing variety shows. In one of your older post, you commented that Steven should consider doing movie musical like Mama Mia ... I think that is a great idea for he will be able to show both his acting and muscial talents in such a production. Truly hope that one day this will come true.

  3. Wow. Steven looks even more youthful & radiant than any of the young guy students there in the last photo. Or is it he has a bit of " makeup" ?

    1. Haha! You exaggerated! lol! But admittedly Steven is blessed with good skin. It is customary to put on some face powder to 'brighten' up the facial complexion for the camera.