Thursday, May 14, 2015

Notice: Steven on TVB Sunday Songbird - May 30th in HK

Hong Kong Steven Ma Fan Club weibo notice
On May 30th (Sat), Steven will attend the studio recording of "Sunday Songbird《Sunday 靚聲王》", a TVB variety program co-hosted by Liza Wang, Adam Cheng and Jerry Lamb showcasing Cantonese oldies. Presently, there are a limited number of tickets reserved for fans to attend the event to support our idol. Those interested, please PM (私信)  馬浚偉香港後援會 weibo for tickets - first come first serve. Fanclub will contact fans in due time to confirm their attendance. If PM does not work, then use the weibo "chat" feature.


  1. Oh, Steven's going to be on Sunday Songbird? I wonder what the theme will be for that episode and which songs he will sing? I've been watching the show with my mom because both of us love Cantonese oldies (plus many of the singers and songs are from her generation, so she's been having a great time re-living the nostalgia).

    I made a note to make sure I watch that particular episode! :-)

    1. Looks like it. I've not watched that show yet. Wonder when it will be aired on TV? It is not live broadcast, is it?

  2. No, not live...I think it's 2 or weeks behind here (though I suspect they may have skipped some episodes too). Good thing is that they usually advertise it via episode previews beforehand so just need to pay attention to those.