Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weibo 2015 5/18 Uta Hagen's quote - A Challenge for The Actor

5月18日 23:06 "You change your sense of self a hundred times a day as you are influenced by circumstances, your relationship to others, the nature of the event, and your clothing." Uta Hagen「你會受到情境、與他人的關係、事件的性質和服飾的影響,在一天內對自己的感覺會改變上百次。」

Tamaya: In short, who are we?  We are of those hundreds of personas residing inside us, changeable depending on the circumstance, role, task, and clothing, of the moment. The above quote is part of an exercise in which the actor is to observe his many selves affected by one or a combination or all of the listed factors within a day so that when the time comes to portray a particular persona he can evoke 'him' into being from his memory bank. 

"There is an element of spontaneous role-playing in this procedure that I believe exists in all human beings but to a far greater extent in actors." Uta Hagen

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