Friday, May 8, 2015

Weibo - HK flight to San Diego via LAX

今天 16:03 On flight to Los Angeles, did many things: read book, read script, listened to music, watched two movies - one of which is the biopic, "Big Eyes"; it was really good, highly recommended! P.S. I've arrived safely in San Diego. Tomorrow night is the first band rehearsal. Anticipating.^^

飛往洛杉磯的途上,做了很多事:看書、看劇本、聽歌、看了兩部電影,其中一部是真人真事改編的「Big Eye」,很好看,推薦一下!p.s.我已安全到達San Diego, 明晚第一次Band rehearsal, 期待^^

A quintessential workaholic, did everything but rest/sleep! Steven reportedly said he couldn't sleep in an open public place. So, per google, HKG to San Diego airport via LAX (eta: LA international airport) = 16h 20m+, another 50-min drive from SD airport to Harrah's - a long day for him, good that he traveled business class. (pix) P.S. check out his transformers bag. Enlarged pix - the book is "A Challenge for the Actor".  Wonder what his next filming project is and when?


  1. Hi Tamaya. May I ask what does LAX stand for? As in LA =Los Angeles but X=???( exchange)?

  2. airport code LAX (Los Angeles International Airport ) Good question so I asked google and voila ! X has no meaning behind it.

    "Before the 1930s, existing airports used a two-letter abbreviation based on the weather stations at the airports. At that time, "LA" served as the designation for Los Angeles Airport. But with the rapid growth in the aviation industry the designations expanded to three letters c. 1947, and "LA" became "LAX." The letter "X" has no specific meaning in this identifier."

  3. Oh many thanks Tamaya for your very prompt response. A recap here of your location. You are in residing in San Francisco or Las Vegas?

  4. Yes. I know I've asked you before but I can't remember. Sorry to ask again.

    1. No problem, I'm on the east coast, New Jersey. But I've visited San Fran, San Diego, LA, Monterey Bay, and LV.