Thursday, June 11, 2015

Steven Ma attends late godmother's, Yu Fung, funeral

FB 2015 June 11 ET 7:59 am 
Thankful to have arrived in Hong Kong early this morning at 4:30 am, thus in time for me to see you one last time. Saw you lying in repose as if in peaceful slumber, beautiful as ever, and strong...may you rest in peace up in heaven, forever happy ! Love you forever!


June 11 2015 6:50 pm  
Steven Ma attends the funeral slightly after 5 pm to pay his respect to his late godmother, Yu Fung.  He stays for about half an hour, during which time he was interviewed by a reporter. In his interview, Steven reveals that he had known Yu Fung for 15 - 16 years already and that she was in fact his godmother. He had worked with her son, Julian Leong (梁作華), at the same company in the past. news and news video link
English translated news:  Actress Yu Fung passed away

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