Friday, July 17, 2015

updated Novt 2015 Steven Ma Fanvid collection by ziwei kuang

If can't view videos on cellphone, scroll down to the bottom of blogger for the mobile version.  See below links for the whole complete collection of videos by wei wei.

"Steven Ma World of Drama" fan series MV 
Dailymotion playlist by LuvIsFeeling薇之作
youtube playlist by ziwei kuang
baidu sm thread
Facebook: 马浚伟/Steven Ma by 薇之作luvisfeeling

《大都督周世顯 / Military Governor Jau Sai-hin》

pitnol: 《只有情永在》< Only Love Lasts Forever > duet with Vivian Chow 

pitnol fanvid2 注定是你 fatefully yours 

Pitnol fanvid1《夕陽無限好 日日近黃昏/ May Beautiful Things Be Lasting》

 7 Days in Life

DOMD 1998

Return of the Cuckoo

 Healing hands 1

Healing Hand 1

youtube fan vid vs Steven's live singing

Yuan Yang Pei
youtube fanvid vs Steven's original mv

Link  2005 mainland 《昭君出塞》- Wang Zhao Jun

fanvid youtube vs Steven's original mv 


Steven Ma World of Drama fan series 馬上浚入偉界系列Playlist created by LuvIsFeeling薇之作 on Dailymotion

Yuan Yang Pei

Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer

The Gentle Crackdown 2

The Brink of Law 《線人 / Spy》
Tudou playlist 薇之作
Note: Blogger uploaded videos are not as clear as tudou originals.

related mvs - yuan yang pei


  1. Hi,

    Do you know which series is featured in the 3rd video (the one immediately after the Yuen Yang Pei?) It's one of the non-modern drama. Thank you.

  2. It is a 2005 mainland tv series with Gallen Lo and Rain Li 昭君出塞- Wang Zhao Jun ( one of ancient China 4 beauties Steven was cameo.