Monday, October 19, 2015

Updared: 2015 Oct 19 Zhuhai event

Steven and Queenie Zhu as celebrities guests at a mainland apartment complex promo event/launch in Zhuhai. Steven sang 3 theme songs: Safeguards 《會友之鄉》, Storm in a cocoon  《天意》and Where the Legend begins《水中仙》.

fanvid1 on tudou wtlb- 水中仙
fanvid2 on tudou  safeguards
fanvid3 on tudou  Heaven's will

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before vs after

Gotta say, Steven cleaned up nicely. Appreciate his willingness to 'bare' his 'real face' on social media.

more Zhuhai photos on SM Fans Forum-fb;  嵐嵐-自語
Photo sources credit as labeled
unlabeled photos credit sm official fan page

original post Oct 18, 2015

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