Saturday, October 17, 2015

《惊天岳雷》New Series

《惊天岳雷》* officially commenced production on October 7 2015 at Wuxi National Digital Film Industrial Park. This mainland 40-episode ancient period series is a new kind of historical fusion drama blending history, myth, wuxia and palace intrigue. Currently filming in Wuxi studio theme park, the series will also film on location in Xiang Shang (象山) and Hengdian until December.《惊天岳雷》is the latest production by Shandong Television Media Group (山东影视传媒集团) and Shandong Television Productions Ltd (山东影视制作有限公司), whose products included such hit tv series:《伪装者》,《战长沙》,《闯关东》,《北平无战事》and the currently airing 《琅琊榜》.

The people involve with this series have very impressive credentials (weibo ): the highly awarded producer - 钱晓鸿; scriptwriters - 卞智弘 and 吴楠 (Curse of the Golden Flower movie); drama director - 谢泽《Empresses in the Palace 後宮甄嬛傳》, action director - 国建勇; customes/makeover consultant - 陈敏正《Fan Bing Bing's The Empress of China 武媚娘传奇》,《後宮甄嬛傳》et al. Besides Steven as Emperor Gaozong, the cast include 乔任梁 (male lead), 刘雨欣 (female lead) , 李曼, 朱梓骁 et al.

The story centers on Yue Fei’s second son, Yue Lei, seeking revenge against Emperor Gaozong for the deaths of his father, Yue Fei, and his elder brother, Yue Yun, With the support from Prince Wu Chi (Ah Cong), Xia Yun (a peasant girl) and people from the martial arts world, Yue Lei embarks on a treacherous road of no-return vendetta.  As fate would have it, he unexpectedly falls in love with his arch enemy's (the prime minister) beautiful and intelligent daughter, 秦娥 , thus entangling him in an intricate web of emotional drama.

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*《惊天岳雷》Transliteration: Sky Shattering Yue Lei

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