Thursday, October 30, 2008

2008 Steven's fans birthday present

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In a few days' time (Oct 26) will be Steven's birthday. The fans' birthday present to Steven is a bound book of fan letters, book & series reviews, fans' and Steven's pictures, and such. Hu, webmaster of Steven fansite, is the mastermind behind this monumental project. Below left is a scan of the book cover.  On the right is SM baidu open invitation to all to drop by sm baidu to convey their birthday wishes to Steven on his special day. 


AF post 641 Posted 21 October 2008 - 01:47 PM
I'm right now communicating with Xiao Hu to see if I can buy a copy of the book, which costs about 87 yuan (bound book) + postage. Yeah, the keepsake book is more costly than Steven's own book because economies of scale does not apply here, and the photos are all in color. The book is about 100 pages thick. For the overseas fans, there is the problem of remitting payment for the book. Hu admits that it might create a bit of inconveniences, but that he will do his best to get the book to me, regardless. It may end up with him sending the originals to me through internet and I will have them bound into a book myself. Are you interested in getting one for yourself?

(Edited note: I ordered and paid for the book to be shipped to a Hong Kong address, but it never got there, guess it was stolen either at the mainland courier or  enroute, either way, I never received that book.)

-- in Chinese-






'呕心沥血'的一本纪念册终于完成了,历时1一个多月。从来没有设计过一本书,尤其对我这个非美术设计专业的人来说,着实有点难度,但本着对思浚堂的责任以及对马仔的诚意,我完成了这本书(过程中由于过于挑剔,还被戏虐为 '难缠的顾客',哈哈)。



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