Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 YB Bike chase/crash - AWT

When filming "A Watchdog's Tale" there was this bicycle chasing scene. There was this 'cutting off' (sic. the car in front) on the shoulder lane action, with the mindset of wanting to act 'cool' (I) insisted on doing it. (sic. stunt) Outcome "car crash"; "cool' became "bruised" (Cantonese pun: humiliated).... but then a macho man (男人老狗) with one scar more, still "cool".    拍"好狗"的時候,有一場單車追逐戲,有一個"抽頭"上路肩的動作,抱著"型"的心態,堅持自己做,结果"炒車","型"變"瘀"......不過男人老狗多條疤,一樣"型"!


Ah Hin, Steven's body double for many of his tvb series.
source: yahoo blog 2009 1/30 6:35 pm

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