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2009 Steven's good skin

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Today went passed Mongkok fire department on my way to a colleague's place for hotpot. Unexpectedly, happened upon Steven Ma shooting a scene there! But when I got there, filming was wrapping up already. Saw Steven doing a scene with an actress. An arguing scene... and then, that's it, done.. Later, a female voice hollered from inside a building: "Mazai, ni hou leng zai ya!" (Mazai, you're very good looking!) At that moment, Steven was at break, eating. When he heard that, he almost spurted out his food from his mouth, so hilarious. Meanwhile I waited nearby for my colleague to pick me up. And the crew and cast were packing up. Steven even walked by me several times. Truly, the real life person is more l'eng' (good looking) than onscreen. That his skin is so 'leng' (good) So envious!! And I thought to myself how often does he do masks weekly to maintain it. Later, colleague told me that Yeung Yi was there too, pity I did not get to see her.

A comment to above post:
唉 ai,(sigh) That a man's skin can be that good..conversely, look at us women...can it be that actually men are made of water instead. (of women)
blogger: I'm just truly envious of his skin.

Akazukin: I assume this is during the filming of Stars of Love? I can't stop laughing when I read about the moment Steven spurted out his food from his mouth when he heard someone shouting about how handsome he is... sounds totally like a scene from a comedy series, but that kinda shows how humble he is. 

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当时我就系佢地附近等同事来接我,d人准备收队。马浚伟还经过我身边呢。果然真人靓过上镜!d皮肤好靓啊,好羡慕!!跟住想起lo,然后霖佢究竟一个星期做几多mask keep住呢~~后来同事同我讲,之前杨怡都系度,可惜我无见到~~

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