Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Steven Ma: TVB should do some self- reflection.

Steven Ma: TVB should do some self- reflection.
The male lead in PSL (Ghost Writer) and also Linda’s most collaborated partner-in-crime and good friend, Steven Ma revealed that witnessing her tearful break down distressed him. “The main reason was due to exhaustion from over work. Too tiring! She’s always been very anxious about her work performance; she had to film series, cut records, and film movies at the same time; always insisted in doing them all perfectly. So bringing on constant insomnia. Her mother wasn’t here in Hong Kong, so I made Ching pu leung herbal tea and watercress soup for her, and also constantly chatted with her. But the most important thing is for her to get some rest….” Linda by nature is pliant so did not dare demur when given series projects to do.

Steven entreated: “TVB really needs to re-examine her workload arrangement! Although she is a tvb managed artiste but still management needs to properly plan her workload. Piling her with a heavy workload and having her doing it all is not necessarily a good thing. She has to be able to handle it. Have to see if 'xiu pang yao' (young friend) can even breathe first? Even if she can do it, she won’t look good (leng), and her voice won’t sound good either! Sooner or later, she will be wrung dried, her health neglected.”

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