Thursday, September 3, 2009

Steven Ma Wants to Get Married

Tuesday September 1, 2009 Hong Kong
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Steven Ma has been busy filming new series "Transferred Connection of Temptation", and the other day, he filmed a wedding scene with Fala Chen. The couple will have a happy ending in the series. Steven and Fala have filmed many series together, and the two are quite good friends. When Fala was picking out the wedding dress, Steven was serious in giving his opinion. Fala expressed that she really likes working with Steven because he can bring her positive energy when working together. Even if it is hard work, Steven will take a deep breath and say, "Let's go!" and they will continue to strive for success. When Steven is tired and all worn out, he will not speak, but he will definitely not make a scene. Fala really admires Steven for having a good heart, and he is willing to tell his partner the truth; therefore, she has a lot of trust for Steven.

Fala also said that during this cooperation, she discovered that Steven is a person who really wants to get married. "Whenever there are kids filming on scene, he would change himself into a father figure, and treat them with love. He will definitely make a good husband and good father". When asked if she or Steven will marry first, Fala believes Steven will marry first. But Steven did not agree, but expressed that he does want to have a family with a happy marriage. It is his biggest wish. Steven had always wanted to marry before the age of thirty. He also hopes to become a father, and when he gets married, he hopes to have kids right away.

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