Saturday, August 15, 2009

Steven Ma's marriage is not far away

 AF# 1706 Posted by foreverleila on 14 August 2009

Steven Ma's marriage is not far away
Friday August 14, 2009 Hong Kong
Translated by: matchbox

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Steven Ma recently said on on his blog that he has found his love. Getting married and having children is what he has always hoped for in having a happy life. He said "As long as it's true love then that's good. Thats enough". He also stated that recently many of his friends have got married and he can feel their happiness.

In addition, he met 2 fortune tellers by coincidence and discussed about his future. The 2 fortune tellers both said that he would get married next year or the year after. After hearing this Steven felt very happy. He asked them who he would get married to? Both of the fortune tellers said that it would not be a ex lover but are certain that this person will be love at first sight. Steven is looking forward to it.

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