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Tavia Yeung talks about Steven Ma

Transcript by Akazukin AF# 1498 Posted 18 June 2009 - 09:47 AM

Tavia attended a radio interview with Cha Siu Yan, Steven was mentioned in some part. I (sic Akazukin) only translated the part mentioned about Steven, not really anything new, but as long as relevant to Steven...


Cha Siu Yan = C
Tavia = T

[C and T talked about BTROC]

[C and T briefly talked about the pressure of SITS and talked about Tavia's first collaboration with Raymond Wong. Tavia said that Raymond Wong is very quiet but when he talked, he would often talked about his wife. And this caused her to have no imagination as his onscreen partner.]

C: Then, do you have any imagination facing Steven Ma?

T: This one, I have. This one, I have. This one, the imagination is older brother.

C and T: Hahahaha...

C: Yes, Steven Ma is really like a big brother.

T: Yes. But actually...

C: Everyone...

T: Actually it's a good thing, I feel. Because I feel that besides needing to have a collaboration feel with your partner, if you have the family feeling offscreen like a brother or good friend, it will help us to get into the character in the series more. If I treat you as nothing but a colleague, I will feel very alien, and the acting won't be real.

C: Steven Ma, in the series, is your big enemy.

T: Yes.

C: And Raymond Wong is your first lover.

T: Actually, to be accurate, my first lover is Steven Ma.

C: Yes, but you guys didn't continue, and then, no more?

T: Because actually we like each other, but due to the relationship and something he did cause me to develop the feelings of hatred against him. I don't like him. And also because I enter the Wu family, I develop "ching yi" with the second young master. Actually, that kind of love is not present. The one present is the "yi" (chivalry, loyalty, friendship).

C: Outside the series, between Raymond Wong and Steven Ma, which one would you pick as a husband?

T: Can I have both of them... added together?

C: Waaaa... how greedy are you! You really become Sing Suet?

T: No.

C: Sing Suet said women can have concubine, men, no, men can have concubines, women can't marry two husbands?

T: Sister Siu Yan, you are a modern career woman. Now...

C: I'm not.

T: But I feel, how come men can have mistresses outside, have you thought that women can also have ones?

C: No. You look at people like ..., bringing disaster to oneself. Don't be involved with such a thing.

T: No. I feel that we can have such a thinking, but to do it is another thing. But we can have such a thinking. But of course, I won't do it. I'm also a traditional woman, I feel I am. But in real life, if you ask me to choose, I will...

C: You have said it out. Both also....

T: I want Raymond Wong's character of always mentioning me.

C: Hoh... so that he would mention you in front of other people non-stop. My wife... My wife... My wife...

T: Yes.

C and T: Hahahaha....

T: Steven's generosity* (包容) and caringness.

C: Ha.

T: He really knows how to take care of me.

C: But he is very long-winded.

T: Long-winded is okay. What's important is he is reasonable. I'm most afraid of husbands who are not reasonable. Right? If I reason and you don't listen. If you don't mind to sit down and talk about reasonings with me, we can talk.

C: Did Steven Ma talk about reasonings with you in the filming of this series, Tavia Yeung?

T: Actually yes. But the so-called reasonings are giving opinions, not really reasonings. Because I wouldn't really do anything wrong, but he would give me pointers, because after all, he is my senior. He has more experiences in acting than me. I feel that juniors listening to seniors is very important.

C: But you already got Best Supporting Actress. What else can he give you as pointers?

T: What pointers? Very important, after receiving award, cannot be too proud.

C: He will remind you such a thing?

T: He won't remind me such thing, but I feel when communicating, I don't give people the impression of such thing. He didn't remind me such things, but possibly like when we filmed a lot and filmed one series after another, it's hard to get out of the previous character. When filming with him, maybe some character and personality of the previous one has to be shed off to get into the current character. Sometimes I sway from the character, he would remind me for this character I should be like this, I shouldn't be like this. Sometimes, I myself would miss it.

C: You have collaborated with Steven Ma for 3 series.

T: Yes, yes.

C: The currently airing is Sweetness in the Salt. The one not yet aired is Stars of Love. (eta 2013 Cupid stupid) The one which had been aired before is Land of Wealth. Three series... you weren't able to get out of the character? You treat Steven Ma as the Steven Ma from Land of Wealth?

T: No. I'm talking about for example, I have just finished BTROC, and starting a new series....


(Credit of interview: Tavia's thread; the radio interview can be found here)
Akazukin note:  I think she was talking about during the time of filming SITS, she was also required to film MR. Luckily, Steven is there to remind her. I would imagine filming two different series at the same time would be difficult.

Tamaya: I guess to some people Steven may come across as long-winded, (and he is indeed that, sometimes) Steven himself did mention that he knew he's being too philosophically long winded when he glimpsed the reporters' glazed eyes.

*But I took Tavia's praise of Steven's 包容 (bao yung) as him being tolerant or forgiving or charitable or magnanimous to others. Of course, the word 'generosity' encompasses all these descriptions. I'm just being anal.


Akazukin: (re: bao yung)  I totally agree. It's hard to translate such chinese words with one word. He is all that you described/translated from Tavia's words.

I don't really regard Steven as long-winded, maybe because I myself love to talk about philosophy. At least, like Tavia said, he is reasonable. I find people who spent hours and hours complaining about the same thing and repeat it again the next day and the next next day as long-winded, not the type that spent hours talking about philosophy. Because once you get to philosophy, really there is no end to it. But I take Cha Siu Yan comment about Steven as long-winded as a sign of friendship, that she feels close enough to tease him that way.

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