Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2009 Fala's radio Interview: Steven mention

AF#1484  Posted 12 June 2009 - 10:06 PM

In a recent interview with Cha Xiu Yan, Fala talked about her role as Laughing Sor and on how she defeated her rivals to finally clinch the much coveted role. Ms. Cha snuck in the rumor that she (Fala) knows how to brush up to the top brass, and getting the covet role only serves to heighten it, so how can she dispel this rumor?

Fala (embarrassed) admitted that she does not communicate very well with her colleagues therefore may have given them a wrong impression of herself. She does not sugar coat her words and seldom praise people, but will bluntly and directly say what is in her mind. But she is trying to improve in this area which she admits is lacking. She then brought up Steven in her conversation.

"Because we are right now shooting Pu Songling, in the beginning Steven and I were brothers. I was pretending to be a male then. But later I became a girl and fell in love with him. We shared lots of scenes together. After a period of shooting and he has gotten to know me better, he msn me, he said: "Ah Mui (he calls me Ah Mui, younger sister) Ah Mui ah, actually Ah Goh admires how very diligent you are in your work, but sometimes when you communicate with other people, you may want to pay attention to the way you talk, make it easier for the other people to accept."

full interview: tudou link FC with Eileen Cha   @ 8:57

Steven mention: same interview Steven's portion only 

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