Sunday, October 11, 2009

2009 TVB Scoop report: SM shows off calligraphic skill

Stephen Chan as MC at the Regal Oriental branch grand opening. Steven Ma presented calligraphy banner as blessing to the hotel.  Previously having no experience at calligraphy Steven took a 3 hour crash course from a calligraphy expert. Steven said he will host an upcoming tvb culinary show.

video links: tvb Scoop (東張西望)富豪東方酒店開幕儀式 tvb scoop ; SC tvb artiste forum
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bottom video from Stephen Chan's 
below write up is  from Stephen Chan tvb 富豪东方酒店 Regal Oriental Hotel

2009-10-30 The gist of it:
The newly renovated 富豪东方酒店 (previously 富豪机场酒店) and its resident Chinese cuisine restaurant 「富豪坊」held a grand opening ceremony today Oct 28th 2009.  Steven is today's special guest. He not only participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony but also did the propitious writing for the restaurant. To prepare for this calligraphy blessing he worked on his calligraphic skill diligently for three hours.

Steven said:  "I don't have a basic foundation on calligraphy nor am I knowledgeable in it." 

But from my observation, it is impressive that Steven with just a short three hour training could obtain such a result in his calligraphy.

- in Chinese ---

Stephen Chan's write-up in his now defunct tvb


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