Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dogs discussions

AF#1924 Posted 17 November 2009 - 04:46 AM

Tamaya: Steven says he will not eat dogs or monkeys or rabbits or any house pets. Once while working in a restaurant he was shocked to see hotplate rabbit on its menu. He talked about pet sitting his younger sister's rabbit in his house while she was on vacation. Said the rabbit was as big as a small dog. (He actually wrote about this rabbit in his prose essay book.) Said he used to love to eat crabs but ever since his friend who is a devout Buddhist (Ah Ying Zai) persuades him to 放生 (fong sang, release captived creatures) the crabs, he has since given up eating them. Eating one less kind of food is no big deal to him. Steven is truly a very compassionate man. 

Oh, he also warned against eating shrimps with Vitamin C. Haha! I myself have received several emails on that warning too. So take heed of that warning!

Akazukin: Didn't know Steven's kindness spread to even animals. Eating meats maybe cruel to animals, but then, in nutrition point of view, is the nutrition in vegetable enough? The last time I went to China, the famous medicine company advised people to eat as much variety of food as possible to promote health and immunity because of the diversified micro-organism contained in different food. But anyway, don't know how true that is. I don't know what's wrong is eating shrimps with vitamin C? So that means can't eat shrimps with oranges and chillies too?

Tamaya: Neither did I until I received emails stating that as a fact, and then to hear Steven repeating it. Both he and I have been duped for I just now verified that claim on snopes.com. Turn out it wasn't true at all. Debunk in 2005. Wonder if there is a counterpart Chinese snopes.com website. How to let Steven know he's been had. Guess only through his yahoo blog. 

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