Tuesday, December 29, 2009

SITS PA Compliments Steven for his soup

Written by Sits PA
Title: Ma Zai compassionate ‘leng’ soup brand
Date: 2009-06-15
Translator: Tamaya

As the saying goes, good colleagues are hard to come by, and harder still are good colleagues who are also caring, and I was so fortunate as to encounter one.

Actually shooting Sits was not easy at all, a lot of fighting scenes, plus the filming was done when winter was at its coldest, which added to the hardship. Especially so for female lead, Tavia. To act her role of “nui hap” ( female warrior) she suffered utmost hardship. I recall there was this scene whereby Sing Suet was forced to jump into the sea to escape her pursuers. It was 9 degrees Celsius then. Even though Tavia had pre-prepared herself against the bitter cold by wrapping herself in 4 layers of saran wrap, and had brought along ginger tea and a hot water bag, but still when she was assisted out of the water, she was shivering uncontrollably with cold, truly pitiful to see.

Also, Tavia suffers from vertigo (pressure imbalance in the ears). Once while shooting an outdoor scene, she felt dizzy and nauseous, and had to go to the hospital for treatment. Faced with such hardships, Ma Zai’s compassionate ‘leng’ soups were like an oasis, nourishing everyone’s spirits which were fast going crazy from all those overnighter shooting of scenes!!

Who could have thought eh? That a man could be so considerate as to know to make soups. Tavia plus others plus myself were all first timers partaking soups made by a male. So touched! Ma Zai compassionate ‘leng’ soup/herbal tea brand was truly of very high quality. Full of rich ingredients such as 花膠啦、white fungi . And so very delicious!

Besides soups, Ma Zai also treated the cast and production crew to a BBQ; prawns, crabs and clams, haha! Our hard work was truly worth it.

Haha! I’ll stop right here before everybody starts salivating. Let Tavia shares her joy at partaking Ma Zai compassionate ‘leng’ soup brand ba.


TN: That Steven shared his soups with his co-stars and crew members is not new to old timer Steven fans, (Susan has uploaded pixs of Steven & his soups in her blog.) but Tavia was the first one to break the news of Steven's leng tong to the press. I think. So, props to Tavia!

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