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Steven Ma's plans for 2010

2009/12/26  22:10 馬浚偉先奪視帝才結婚

Steven Ma: Win TVB best actor award first then get married
Mak Ling Ling (well-known HK fortune teller) predicts that Steven Ma will get married either next year 2010 or in 2011; does not rule out lighting marriage or old flames re-ingnited.  What's more Steven is very much ready for marriage. When asked if he already has a marriage partner in mind, Steven says he wants to keep his love life low profile. He stresses the pressure is not on him but on his girlfriend. (note: not sure 'pressure' to get married or 'pressure' from media exposure of their romance)  As to awards, Mak Ling Ling predicts Steven will do extremely well next year (2010) or the year after (2011).

Steven reveals that in August this year during his contract renewal negotiation with TVB that among his terms were to portray a villian and to host a culinary show, and that he will once again hold a microphone in his hand to release a new music album.

Since his debut 16 years ago, Steven's 'good man' image has taken up roots in the tv audience's hearts. Steven says TVB will arrange for him to portray his first time villain role next year.  In his meet-and-greet fans session held at a mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at 6 pm, Steven says in all his 16 years of acting he has never once acted a villian, so his villain role next year will be a big challenge to him.

However, he is not worry his villain will make the viewers dislike him, after all, he has been portraying a good man image for all these years now, so hopefully the viewers will not feel that he's a bad person.

Not only Steven will have a break-through role, but he also reveals he will once again pick up the microphone for his new music album.  As for the contents he will definitely include Cantonese songs, and will leave the Mandarin songs for the company to arrange.

Besides the above plans, Steven also reveals he likes to cook, which TVB was not even aware of but next year it will arrange for Steven to host a new cooking show,  Appentice Chef 《大廚出馬》.

*Steven renewed his TVB contract in August 2009 after much persuasion and promises from Stephen Chan.  Promises except for the culinary show that were never realized, no wonder TVB permit him to prematurely terminate his contract with impunity because they themselves breached the contract first.  

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