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Ever since founding the 'kinston culture' publishing house, steven ma is not only interested in marketing his books, but he was also interested in developing educational shows.

to be able to gather more information abt chinese history and culture, steven recently went to nan hai dao to personally understand the development of the chinese ethnic culture. though the trip only lasted for 5 days, but he had already gone to 'tien ya hai qiao'. it's just like standing in the tops of tien, the peak of hai (if anyone got my meaning) hence steven was really excited/happy.

It was known that steven has an elder working in nan hai dao, that's why he has a warm feel for the culture of the place. He also went to the 'red military base' and met with 3 90 yr olds women who once served as soldiers and risked their lives to protect the ppl. steven has utmost respect for these elders. To be able to understand more abt the culture of nan hai li tribe, steven also personally went to the li barrio miao tribe. a young and beautiful child personally welcomed him. as steven excitedly sat on a carriage pulled by a cow, this 8 yr old girl suddenly reached out and pinched his ears. he was hurt by that act. 

As he was in the state of shock and don't know what to do, the people around him started laughing. that was because according to the miao rules, when young girls/women met guys that they like, they will voluntarily express their love by pinching the ears of the guys they love!

This time, steven's charisma/appeal had managed to attract a early matured girl to voluntarily 'propose'. upon hearing this tradition, aside from having red ears from the pinch, steven's face also turned red.

Steven Ma was invited earlier to attend an event as a guest of Guangdong Television and was given the title of "2004 Green Community Ambassador". In the past, these events have only had local guests, but they broke tradition this year, inviting Steven to take part and helping him with all the preparations. Two weeks before his performance, the radio station had already been playing all his songs and he was arranged to perform the title song "Blanket" for the show, creating quite an atmosphere as his fans joined in and sang along with him.

Steven said: "This is a new song and I have been filming hard in the mainland, so even though I know all the words, I was still afraid of making a mistake. Luckily, they had arranged a music stand for me, so even if I forgot the words, I could still perform. I would never have thought that the audience would know it better than me, if I had known they would be singing along, then I would not have used the stand." As he has not appeared on the mainland for a while, the audience were eager to catch him and ignored the police barriers as they tried to rush onto the stage and get close to him. Steven became the highlight of the show that almost turned into a Steven Ma mini-concert.

Afterwards, a press interview was arranged and among them was a group of young school reporters. During the questions, one of the children said to Steven seriously: "You have to rest more and look after your revolutionary body." He was shocked and then touched by the words.

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Steven Ma recorded the themesong to Guangdong Radio's environmental event entitled "Blanket" in April and since then, the song has not only reached the top of the charts in Guangdong province two weeks running, but has also entered the 'World Chinese Songs Chart' at number 10 this week. The lyrics to the song are very encouraging, saying that all one has to do is work hard and enthusiasticaly and any problems and hardships can be won through. "Even the heavens will help" as these words have been engrained into the hearts of listeners in the Guangdong and Guangxi provinces.

Achieving these results, Steven admits he is rather surprised as this was an unintentional success as his main goal was simply to help promote the benefits of the environmental project and he never imagined that the song would do so well. He is very excited and finds this a great encouragement to him. This success has given a new inspiration to Steven in his musical career: "It turns out that apart from commercial songs, educational songs are also popular, so in the future, I will add an educational factor into my songs."

Having just extended his contract with TVB for a further two years, Steven will be returning to TVB shortly to film some series as well as taking some Mainland series. He laughs: "Some friends see me working low profile lately and are worried that I will retire from showbiz. Don't worry, I will not let go of my performance work until I am at least 40 years old as I have never thought about pulling out." He also pledges that he will continue to work hard!

 Steven's News on February 12, 2004

Having shown a great interest in Chinese History, Steven Ma was invited by RTHK's Educational Programme Unit to appear in a series profiling Chinese historical figures. This show is aimed at primary school students and covers the lives of four characters from China's history books, including Xiang Yu, Emperor Tang Taizhong, Lin Zexu and Lu Xun. Steven will be playing the part of Lu Xun.

Taking part in Educational TV for the first time, Steven was very excited and said: "Lu Xun is a great patriotic literary hero in recent history and to be able to play him makes me very happy. Also as this is an educational show, there is a great meaning to it all that cannot be weighed up with money." The series will be aired from April.

Reports indicate that the ETV team asked Steven to play the part because they felt that his appearance and manner was very resemblant of Lu and when the photographs of his character were released, it caused some gasps from the educational inspectorate. Steven laughs: "At the new year, I had a flat top haircut and originally it was for convenience, but I never thought that this would cause the inspectors to think that I looked like Lu Xun, even without the make-up."

Steven will be playing Lu in his youth during his time studying in Japan and for realism, the director built a classroom set in a Japanese Shinto temple and borrowed an antique 8mm projector for the setting. The titles will show an older image of Lu and Steven will have to add a moustache. When he tried on the make up, everyone immediately called out how good it looked so this then became the image they used. With his recent interest in Chinese history, Steven admits that he has gained so much from this show, because he has been able to live the patriotism and spirit of Lu Xun and this has inspired him to learn more in his spare time.

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 Steven Ma was a guest at the "YWCA Hotline 20th Anniversary Carnival" yesterday and a poll was made as to the words people most like to hear when they are down. Steven chose "No matter what, I will be here by your side supporting you!" because he feels that support is very important.

Steven says that if he meets with difficulties, he will talk to his friends and sometimes they will try too hard to offer advice, but when people talk about their problems they only want to get it out of their system, so we should all learn to just listen. In the past, Steven didn't know how to handle his emotional problems, thinking he was very strong, such as the time five or six years ago when his mother died and his work seemed to have ground to a half. His Chiu Chau chauvinism and pride got the better of him and he rarely spoke to other people about his probems, making him turn to drink to drown his sorrows. Asked if he became an alcoholic, he admits: "Yes. (Did it work?) It blocked out the problem, but it was tough waking up the next morning and didn't resolve the issue. I feel that I didn't address the problem properly so I have not drank any alcohol in recent years." Steven laughs that he prefers to discuss his problems with women: "Women are more sensitive, caring, patient and sympathetic so they are better than 'brothers'." He will also do sport to keep his energy levels up, with a recent interest in fitness, table tennis and badminton.

At the time, Steven did not go out for several months and his friends were very concerned for him, finally he managed to get through the bad times by taking up reading. One of his friends had given him a book that told of how to face life and death. This enlightened him and he feels that death cannot be controlled, so why not face difficulties with a positive and optimistic outlook?

Later, Steven will meet with more difficulties because he will be filming in the mainland for several ancient dramas. Away for six months to a year, Steven is worried about his family. He had earlier been to Beijing for a promotional event and had met with directors and producers who said that his face is very traditional and suited to period dramas, with someone suggesting that he is suited to playing poet Li Bai. When asked if he has been offered this part, Steven says: "We are in discussion, there are still a lot. (What about TVB?) I extended my contract in February, but we have an understanding and I have a great level of freedom. (How are you going to pay back your series debt if you are always in China?) I will do my best to fit in the time, I will film at least one series for them."

Steven appeared at the event on a voluntary basis and he indicates that many artistes take part in voluntary work, but he hopes that more can do it and not worry about receiving a fee. Also, if he has time, he will go to the YWCA to help man the phone lines.

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