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news 2006 SM TVB Kids Festival ambassador

[Ta Kung Pao 26/06/06]

As the TVB Children's Festival Ambassador for 2006, Steven Ma will also be singing the new theme tune to the "After School ICU" kids show, that will soon be undergoing a revamp. As the song is needed urgently, Steven was out early to film the video for it. The weather on the day of filming was extremely hot, over 30 degrees with the sun shining, so Steven was dripping with sweat, sticking his tongue out and even showing his nipples.

Steven laughs in jest: "Everyone has them, so it's not unusual for them to stick out. It is very hot though, but I am nowhere near as bad as Chung Chung here. His costume is so hot and heavy and he has to play basketball with me too. I am afraid he will get heatstroke if we carry on." In order to tie in with the theme of the song, the shoot took place in a school and Steven was pleased to find that the library had a copy of his publishing company's book "Turn Good Turn Bad". He says: "I took some time out to go and buy some books from the library, but the teachers were very nice and wouldn't let me pay."

Later, Steven headed off to Sai Kung Pier to continue filming, where he had to sit in a wooden chair to read and then get up and walk towards the camera, but when he did this, the chair stuck to him and he had to NG. The crew laughed: "You have a chain, but don't know how to use it!" It turned out that the fashionable chain that Steven had on his trousers had hooked onto the chair and had dragged it along with him.

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