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Steven Ma: "Jia Bao Yu's" Happy Life

2004-01-03 23:55   

The Ma Family has 7 children, and Steven is the fourth child. Because he is the only son and from young possessed a stalwart and honest look, his parents naturally spoiled him more.

Every time Steven talked about his being spoiled when young he had on this facial expression: "Every time my parents went out for an outing they always brought me along but my sisters were not that lucky. They had to wait for their turn."  

Steven was also given a larger share of stuff to eat than his sisters as part of his parents' favoritism towards him.  Even though Steven seems to have a "Jia Bao Yu's" status in his family he was no Jia Bao Yu.  For a period of time Steven was extremely introverted and often kept to himself in his bedroom. His behavior greatly alarmed his family that he might have a withdrawal disorder.

Steven’s father is a former public bus driver, who was frequently away from home. During this period Steven had the freedom to escape the cabin fever of being stuck with his sisters at home.  Even in his middle school years, Steven was already very independent, and he often roamed the streets with his schoolmates having fun together. That was Steven’s childhood most favorite activity. Besides that he also liked to play video games for entertainment. The whole neighborhood knew he was a video game expert. It was because of these two activities that Steven gradually became more cheerful and not become a withdrawn person.

Despite his elevated status at home Steven did not abuse his preferential treatment as to bully his sisters. On the contrary, he was very protective of them. If faced with a problem, just a word to Steven and he would help them in every possible way, moreover, he would also think through a situation for them. Like how his younger sister had wanted to participate in “Miss Hong Kong” contest but Steven had strongly opposed that idea. He even used their familial relationship to dissuade her: “If you consider me your older brother then don’t participate.” His strong tone finally persuaded her to heed his advice.  Although his action was very chauvinistic Steven strongly believed that his younger sister’s character and naivety would not be suited to an entertainment career. He did what he did because he did not want his younger sister to get hurt.

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