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AF Stevinda thread reposts

AF Steven Ma and Linda Chung post#79 Posted 19 March 2010 - 11:36 PM
Before AJCL, I was like oh no not with Linda again; that girl can't act. I had watched her in VOH2 & Always Ready (didn't know it was her first 2 roles and thought her performances were atrociously stiff and unnatural, and her shrill voice did not help either.) and I fast forwarded her and Raymond scenes in HOG because I found them so boring. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how well she did in AJCL, and her chemistry with Steven was excellent. Their birthing scene in AJCL is a classic for me. 

AF 16 Mar 2010 - 2:28 PM 
xoxoxo: I don't really like this pair up for this couple.....just doesn't give off the same feeling as Raymond and Linda..It just seems like the guy is a bit old for linda...I wonder why they keep on pairing linda and steven? I think a series with Linda and Bosco or Ron would be cuter.... 

Tamaya: You want an answer, you'll get it!
Let me then spell it out for you why TVB keeps pairing up Steven with Linda and for that matter, with all the young fadans like Fala and Bernice.  But before I get into my spiel, let's do some imagining. 

.... Let's suppose you are an excellent tennis or a badminton player, how would you like it if you were constantly asked by your parents to play tennis with your kindergartener sister who is just starting to learn how to hit the ball with her racket? How would you like it? Now put yourself in Steven's shoes and imagine how Steven felt. 

.... Also ask yourself why your parents made you play with your sister constantly when she can't even read or write yet? Why? Again, put yourself in Steven's shoes and imagine how he felt when acting opposite a leading lady who was not only a newbie in acting but couldn't even read Chinese, to boot. And guess what, her scripts were all written in Chinese. How well do you think she could deliver her lines when she couldn't even understand her script in Chinese without the help of pinyin? 

So why did tvb keep on pairing linda and steven? 
Just in case you didn't get the above scenario, here's why. That he looks young for his age is only one of the many reasons. 

Because TVB needed a talented and seasoned male lead with a large and established fan base to help polish and groom a young, inexperienced and Chinese illiterate Linda into a leading lady. Do you think any of the above young siu sangs was up to that task then? Do you think they would have the patience and experience to do that? Do you think TVB wants to "waste" any of their male leads in Steven's generation on that task?  Again watch the Linda's NGs on "Dog" and you'll see just how very tedious and time-consuming acting could be. And while you're at it, observe how very patient Steven was, even if I do say so myself.

But here's the crutch, Steven is an actor and a talented one at that, not a coach to young fadans. But when was he ever promoted or acted in high-profile productions? Steven's mistreatment has been long lamented by TVB baidu netizens, not just Steven fans. Now he was sacrificed because TVB needed him to co-star aka groom/train young and green fadans, not just Linda, so that they could be the main female leads in their own series. Who had more scenes in AJCL? Who's the focus of AJCL? Who's being promoted in AJCL? Steven or Linda? Since 2006, TVB has used Steven shamelessly to promote and groom their young fadans. No wonder he became disillusioned and had wanted to leave TVB when his contract ended.

That being said, Steven has nothing but the utmost respect and affection for his young fadan leading ladies. I sure Steven knows the games played at TVB. It was not their fault that TVB uses him to polish and groom them. (Tavia excepted. Steven has said that Tavia does not need any acting tips from him because she is already an experienced actress herself.) In fact, he is very aware of their circumstances and has helped them in every way he could to become a better actress passionate about acting. In fact, he has become very fond of them and treats them like younger sisters. Observing his obvious close friendship with Linda and his fondness for her, Steven fans (most) have overcome their resentment towards her. 

In a Vancouver interview last year, Steven was asked by the interviewer how was it acting with his 3 Canadians co-stars. Steven laughed and said candidly: "Very difficult! Very difficult indeed." When asked why, he said: "Well, first of all, they couldn't read Chinese. And that posed a problem right there. Although Linda can now pretty much read all her lines in Chinese." But he was quick to add that it is precisely because he worked so closely with them that he could see firsthand thus appreciate just how much harder they had to push themselves. Their diligence, determination and drive to excel have greatly impressed him and earned his respect. 

Linda in VIP: One reason why I like Steven a lot is that he will always say what he wants to say in front of you and not behind your back. He will not say one thing to you and then turn around and say a different thing behind your back. 

That's the short of it. I'm seriously tired of reading news articles reporting on how very lucky Steven was to have young fadans as his leading ladies because to me it is the other way around, the newbie fadans were the lucky ones to have Steven as their partner. 

But you may get your wish soon. Probably no more Stevinda pairing, because Linda is now off to greater and better things even before the corruption scandal erupted. Linda has graduated from Steven's tutelage.

I know there'll be rebuttals to my post, so be it. I've had my say. Just need to get this off my chest. 


AF Post 84 Posted 20 March 2010 - 09:57 AM
Tamaya: Actually baidu Steven fans and Linda fans have a good relationship because Steven fans now see Linda through Steven's eyes.  For myself, I used to cringe whenever I happened to see her live singing on stage, (lots of them posted on baidu tvb) now I see beyond her cringing and saw her determination and 'courage.' Stage fright can be very debilitating. Steven sees lots of potential in her, so I'm rooting for her to realize her potential. Linda is only a pawn in TVB games just like every tvb artistes. 

Steven could have griped about his situation instead he chooses to care for his young fadan leading ladies, and share with them his passion for acting. It was an unenviable situation for him, but Steven turned it into something good and forged strong ties with his leading ladies. 

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