Tuesday, April 27, 2010

weibo 2010 April Pu Chung Ling

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Last year I filmed a Qing dynasty series, Pu Song Ling. It was exhausting but I was very happy and very satisfied. A good script is what every actor dreams of. I've encountered some in the past. Last year also encountered Pu Song Ling. A good script, not only its characters are well written and exciting, but that the whole interweaving of characters and plots in its storyline must be intricately written too, as to be rationale yet at the same intriguing. Choi Shu (Producer Leung Choi Yuen) and Siu Tung (screenwriter Ng Siu Tung) have accomplished that, and we have given our best. So long everybody enjoys it, does not matter when it would air. 

What else can Steven say but be his gracious self. But I like the fact that Steven hinted at being mistreated in his "I've never minded how people treat me. " That says volume to me. Must be so frustrating to him.

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