Tuesday, April 27, 2010

weibo 2010 SM grateful to fans

2010-4-26 02:57
Seeing how much thoughts and efforts you all put in on my behalf, I am truly touched. Frankly, 4th brother (Steven) has never minded how other people treat myself. What fear there is, is the fear that I am the one at fault. If not, then why fear anything else? What’s there to worry? Life is like that, can’t expect to have the whole world’s approval. Only hope that before the eyes are shut (died) there are no unfulfilled wishes; then at least can depart with no regrets! (mutual sharing!) 看到你們為我花的心思,真的很感動!說实在,四哥從來不介意別人怎樣對待自己,怕只怕,自己有错在先,若然没有,那怕什麼?擔心幹嗎?人生就是這樣,不能追求得到全世界的認同,只望,閉目之前,没有未了心願,那已無憾!共勉之! [绿丝带][呵呵]

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