Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2010 News Steven Ma: Mom’s passing away strengthened him.

Hu Ran 1st weekly issue 771 Mother’s Day without mother. 5/9/2010
Steven Ma: Mom’s passing away strengthened him.

I’ve already been through the most painful experience of losing a beloved mother, so no need to be scared when faced with adversity. Steven’s mother battled nose cancer for 22 years and passed away in 1999. Aiding his mother in her fight against the cancer monster, Ma Zai experienced lost of control over his emotions. Conversely, the courage of the patient gave him the fortitude to search everywhere for secret recipes and medicinal supplements to help his mother fight the disease.

“Mom has passed away for 11 years now. I still miss her to this day. As someone who has personally experienced it, the first 2 years were the toughest to accept. But I know for all parents, what they most wish is to see their children living a good life. So I keep my mom inside my heart and everyday I remind myself to live life well. Mom’s passing away makes me stronger. So when I encounter adversity I will not panic. Naturally, children losing parents felt the pain but fathers losing their long term partner felt it even more. So need to take extra of father.”

The passing of his mother has taught Ma Zai the importance of good health. Ten years or more ago, he started studying the medicinal properties of curative soups. And even occasionally brought soups to TVB studio for the senior artistes to honor them. His mother was tormented by her disease for 20 odd years, he said he no longer fears death because he has already demystify 看破 it on her.

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