Tuesday, May 11, 2010

weibo 2010 may

2010-5-21 13:07
Translated by OnceUponAStar @ AF393
"Good afternoon! recently met heaps of 'senior' artistes, they all said to me that before they met me, they thought that i was a serious, quiet, boring egg (?). But in fact, I am very hyperactive, like to play, radiant, happy.... type of person. A lot of people are deceived by my looks when in fact, I am a fun loving person. Today, before going into the fire (acting a scene i think) a colleague took a picture of me in such an appearance (the link above). I don't remember what i was doing, suddenly singing 'city buildings' song, expression was rather [豬頭]v" 

中午好!最近認識了很多前輩藝人,他們不約而同的跟我說,未接觸我之前,感覺我是個一本正經,沉默寡言的悶蛋,原來我是很好動,爱玩,陽光,鬼馬..等的人!# 的確,很多人都被我的外表騙了,我其實很爱玩,怎至很幼稚無聊!#像這天,臨進火場前,被同事拍到我這個模樣,我不記得幹嗎突然唱著城城歌,那表情還真 [豬頭]

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