Sunday, May 9, 2010

News report on Steven Ma's mother

Apple Daily 5/8/2010
Steven Ma Remembers his Late Mother.马仔默默忆亡母
Steven Ma's mommy has passed away years ago. The day before Mother' Day, he uploaded a picture of his mommy when she was young. Their looks were of the same mold. Ma Zai sent off well wishes to his late mom in his weibo.

He wrote: "May 9th is Mother's Day! If ask you all to leave a word or two here, words that come straight from your hearts for your mom, what do you want to say?

I’ve not seen you for 11 years. I still love you. I’ll continue to love you. I’ll always love you. Wai Zai.

Poor Steven, can't have privacy even in his own blogs. Has to be so circumspect in what he writes because lurking reporters are sourcing materials from his blogs and fansites for their news reports. Apple Daily reported on Steven's wei bo entry with his late mom's picture. His pix is displayed next his mom's. At least this time, the report is accurate and not fabricated.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!

sources: sina news 马浚伟微博忆亡母,

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[忽然一周 第771期]沒有媽媽的母親節 From KA@石总
馬浚偉 媽咪離去更硬淨

馬浚偉母親與鼻咽癌對抗廿二年,延至 99年與世長辭。陪伴母親對抗病魔,馬仔試過情緒失控,反而當事人積極勇敢,他才振作四出尋找秘方及藥膳,跟母親對抗病魔。

「媽咪已死去 11年,到呢一刻我仍然好掛住佢。身為過來人,頭兩年最難接受,但我知道為人父母最想見到仔女生活得好,所以會將媽咪放喺心裏面,每日提醒自己要活得好。媽咪走咗令我更硬淨,遇上逆境亦冇有怕。還有一點要提提大家,仔女失去母親固然心痛,但爸爸失去老伴比子女更傷心,所以要對爸爸更好。」


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