Monday, June 28, 2010

2003 music mv features maggie cheung

June 28, 2003
Alex Fong, Maggie Cheung, Julian Cheung and Steven Ma had earlier taken part in making some promotional films for the Red Cross to encourage people to give blood and yesterday there was a premiere for these clips. A regular blood donor, Julian cheung was happy to give blood there and then to show his support. However, the usually masculine Alex Fong is actually very scared of blood and not to mention giving blood, even watching Julian give his donation made him rather nervous and scared, causing some amusement.

Alex was asked whether he would be supporting the rallies taking place on July 1st against the legislation of "Article 23". He says he will not be going as he does not support them, but he is not against protest. He says that he is not against legislation because he feels that every country needs to have its own security measures and Hong Kong has great freedom compared to some countries already. He thinks that so many people are against legislation in Hong Kong because this may be someone's plan and maybe it is this fear that we should be worrying about. As for Eric Tsang's appeals to protesters for calm, Alex agrees: "There are many professional protesters there who are trying to create an image for themselves through protesting and when I see these people I feel very opposed to them."

Also Steven Ma will soon be making a music video and inviting his old friend Maggie Cheung to be his female lead. Steven says that 80% of the production costs will be on Maggie's costume. When asked how much he will be paying Maggie, he laughs: "I haven't thought about paying her, but I will give her the costumes and accessories she uses in the filming," Steven also says that Maggie should be paying him instead because this time it is his first time directing. Steven didn't give blood either because he is on medication for digestion problems.

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