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Steven Ma Sick?

JULY 5TH 2003
TRANSLATOR: Monchi_Wonchi
Taken from Steven & Ada Forum

Steven Ma has cancer? Don't scare me!
Steven has been visiting the hospital quite often, because earlier of Steven's sickness has came back again, also because Steven has been constantly having bloody nose with no good reason at all, adding on with his family's sickness. Steven worries that he may get this particular sickness because of genetic reasons, without telling his family and friends secretly visiting the hospital to have a body check. The result came out and there was nothing wrong, Steven took a deep breath and was just a little scared before the results that had came out.

Praying for an understanding
Earlier, the editors spotted Steven once again appeared at the hospital, due to earlier he went to the hospital and had a checkup and looked at the result, on the 29th of June he went to the hospital secretly to have a check up on the particular sickness, due to Steven often would have blood nose and his right hand has no sense, he told the doctor all the things that has been happening with his body to pray for an understanding, he checked his chest, waist with X Rays and had a few blood tests as a body check up.

When the result came out, there was nothing wrong with Steven, it was just his nose, it's because he blows his nose very hard, doctors says not to blow his nose very hard. Also, it was pointed out that his right hand had no sense, all he needs to do is more checkups and his right hand will get better very soon.

Steven doesn't want people outside to think he has a sickness, because of having a check up at the hospital, the editors told him to say a few words about the good news, he said "I am very happy, at least I know there is nothing wrong with me. Funny thing is the doctor, his waist is not very straight while my waist is straight, says I am very stubborn, I agree I am stubborn!"

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