Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reconciled with Astrid Chan

10/28 6:30 Once there was a friend. I thought if I treated her well, perhaps, conscious of it she would reciprocate in kind! But, because of various reasons, I hurt her, and she hurt me, too! Today, we met again and talked at length of the past.  Turn out, who owes who is actually not important at all.  Maybe the starlight of that time was brilliant, but, it does not mean tonight’s moonlight will not regain its brightness! Friend, it’s all in the heart! In the heart!  weibo 

 At first, I thought Steven meant Sonija, and I wondered why he would bring it up again -- and then there was this line, "Today, we met again and talked at length of the past. "   Today Didn't they reconcile during their filming of 7days?  Then I saw the pictures posted on and I knew he must have meant Astrid Chan, who reportedly had had a falling out with him because of some misunderstandings years ago.  Congratulations to Steven for mending yet another friendship. 

Astrid was one of the mcs for this  2010/10/28 善心满载仁爱堂 recording.


Old pix + mv still photo (right)



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