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2010 Steven's fans birthday presents

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Ok not going to mince words.
I truly can't understand the mentality of some Steven fans. So overly demanding and presumptuous! Apparently, Steven's presents from other fans were sent to these 2 HK fans (Xfan & Zfan) who would somehow get them to Steven. A few days ago, they and other fans bombarded (no exaggeration, literally bombarded) Steven weibo with their messages asking him how to send the presents to him.

Steven: 10/24 18:45 I've received your good intentions! Don't worry about it!

But fans were not happy with his response because they really wanted him to have the presents. Ok, I can understand their feelings. But imo they did not respect Steven's wishes. Reading the messages, this particular 18 -19 year old fan (X fan) seems overly melodramatic in her posting her disappointment. She has met Steven several times as has her mother during his promotions.

Anyway, seeing her messages, Steven said: 10/24 19:39 Remember, don't make yourself out to be so tragic and then push the responsibility onto other people! Your mother has been taking care of you, worrying over you and very concern about you! What you need to do today is to study hard and take care of yourself. You don't need others to prove your personal worth. Walk your own path. Be a useful person. That is the conduct to repay your mother. Remember this! 

Xfan said she understand and will remember. But guess she did not understand Steven's message well enough because she and the fans continued to ask Steven on how to get them at a certain time.

Steven posted Paul Anka's My Way: 10/25 3:06 When Paul Anka sang, he truly sang a song.. very moving. Fans wondered if it means for them to respect Steven's way of doing things and hold on to the presents until it is more convenient for him to receive the presents.

Obviously to me, Steven was telling them in the nicest possible way to let it be for now. In fact, a year or so ago, he had already told fans visiting him at his public events to not spend money buying presents for him. Before then they had been giving him stuff animals and flowers and other stuff (quite expensive too some of them. Can't understand why fans would give a grown man stuff animals. lol!). Steven put a stop to that in the nicest possible way. He told them if must give him gifts then write him letters, essays or analyses on his performances or series. He promised to them all even if he did not respond to them in kind. He said many were still students so they had to appreciate just how hard their parents work for their money. So please, no more purchased gifts him. He appreciates their good intentions. 你的好意我心領了. The fans wrote of these in their essays posted in Steven's Warm House fansite.

Well, without words from Steven, Xfan and Zfan laden with gifts decided anyway to stake out tvbcity in hopes of catching Steven at work filming Imperial Bodyguards on 26th at around 7 pm (?) Of course, with the news above we know now that Steven never went to tvbcity. But anyway, from reading the weibo, these duo waited until 11 pm.(?) All the time together with other fans they left messages on Steven weibo. Asking, pleading, demanding , whatever, for him to spare them 10 minutes. That they were hungry and cold and tired, so would Steven please come see them? And the online fans added their own drama to the weibo with their pleadings, and now you're telling me some even took to spreading the drama onto other artistes' weibo. Haiz! For those who can read Chinese it's all there on the weibo.

Finally, Steven got on his weibo, and I guess from his posting he was not a happy camper to belatedly find out that these two girls of their own accord decided to wait for him outside tvbcity for various reasons, most important being their own safety waiting outside for him in such a dark and cold night. And of course that feeling of being put in a place of not his doing. Even friends don't drop in unexpectedly without calling first and then getting unreasonably upset at finding you not home. And then leaving messages all over your weibo of their displeasure.

Steven said: Who said I was at tvb. Also things can't and should not be too over!! Anyway, thank you everybody for your birthday well wishes.

This is not the first time Steven telling his fans not to be too overly demanding with their requests. And this is not the first time Xfan dropped in at his workplace unexpectedly with presents. And not the first time she had waited so long for him at a place (airport last time) without knowing his actual schedule and then becoming upset (weibo) when she did not get to see him. He has told them several times not to see him as an idol and put him on a pedestal. In the past, I think, not sure, another fan kept the presents until she could pass them over to Steven's manager or supervisor at a more convenient time. She was never pushy like these weibo fans.

In Chinese

馬浚偉: 谁说我在tvb,而且凡事不能也不该过头!!anyway,多谢大家的生日祝福!

馬浚偉: 要切記,不要把自己想得太悲,然後把責任投射在別人身上!妳的母親,一直照料,擔心,更關心著妳!今天妳該做的,是好好讀書,照顧好自己,妳存在的價值,不需任何人來認同,走好自己的路,做個有用的人,那就是回報母親的行為,記住啦! ( 19:39)

馬浚偉: 不望回報,才會感受到付出的美,而這種美,會使你快樂!(今天 19:18) 

馬浚偉: 也不錯,難得糊塗,大愚大智?誰來判斷?(今天 19:06) 

馬浚偉: 不变者是心態,不忘原本赤子之心,不隨波逐流,成熟了但良知不变!(今天 19:02)

馬浚偉: 今天有一個朋友問了這問題,從前的自己在那裡?其實懂得問,即代表還是那個自己,對嗎?(今天 18:53)

馬浚偉: 你們的心意我收到了!別苦腦! (今天 18:45)

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