Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weibo:Pierre apologizes to Steven on weibo

Steven has said (in Yahoo blog) that he can overlook many fake news on him but he will not tolerate slanders on his character.

10/30 18:09 This afternoon received Ka Nin's (Pierre) phone call, he apologized to me for a certain reporter framing him (Pierre) saying that I once verbally humiliated him (Pierre), even telling him (Pierre) to xx. Ka Nin expressed to me that he had never said that person was me, it was someone he knew 10 years ago. Ka Nin said he was very unhappy; someone fabricated it; he does not want me to misunderstand! What I want to say is that I will not tolerate this kind of frame upon frame behavior.  I will let my lawyer deal with this matter! Ka Nin, take care of your injury, don't worry!

18:53 Maggie cheung ho yee: I one hundred percent,10 thousand percent won't believe!  The Ma Zai that '2nd Miss' (fans’ nickname for Maggie) knows is not the kind that would verbally humiliate anybody.  Both you and Kan Nin (Pierre) don’t be unhappy because of that fabricated news report.  Recently No Regret is just too hot!!!

19:00 Steven: Thank you, Bak Hap! (Maggie’s name in Better Halves) Ai…forget it. News!  How are you? When can you eat out with Fuk Tao?

19:25 Maggie: Negative energy is not suited to remain in the body for too long ah.  How can one single news report kill your years of cultivation?  (of character)

19:31 Maggie: Ok!!!  Ask Miss Koi along (Joyce) too, the more the merrier ya.

(sophia: I too have won the 6-digit lottery)

19:36 Maggie:  @--Sophia: Winning the 6-digit lottery is just an excuse to ask me out to eat, understand?

19:42 Steven: That report touched on character issue, so will let the lawyer handle.  But whether will sue or not will take lawyer’s advice! But this time, truly angry!

19:44 Steven: No, I honestly did win the 3rd prize but over hundred ticket holders did too!

20:41 Pierre KaNin: Ma Zai, truly sorry for the impact of the report on you.  I hereby apologize to you.  Sorry, Ma Zai

21:01 Steven: Silly, you've already explained this afternoon.  Other people wronged you to wrong me.  If I believe that then I'm a fool! Remember what I said, the eyes must be attended to with great care.  When have numerous flashes, must go to the hospital immediately, can be critical, understand?  Take care of the injury ya! Spare Ribs Boy!

21:05 Pierre: Understand

21:20 I will not stand by to see any artiste being unjustly wronged. Ka Nin is very hardworking, I can see. As for uploading songs onto, I will inquire. (respond to fans' questions)


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  1. Weibo is a very good platform to interact with friends and fans. It is also a good place to clarify false news. :)