Thursday, October 21, 2010

3 kingodms, Oxford questions, & hats as best friend

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10/20 19:24 The “Back to the 3 Kingdoms” video for the sales presentation program is finally done. Shooting just a short 1minute over video clip has taken cast and crew four working days to do, and that’s not even counting the hours of preparation put into it prior to production! What I want to say is that admittedly we as artistes suffer in silence, but actually, the behind-the-scenes crew members from various departments also silently contributed much labor and painstaking care and sweat to the project. Right here, I would like to say thank you to them. And also to thank them for their care shown to me and to all other cast members!

20:11 Little piggies, don’t worry, I’m fine!


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10/21 15:29 The renowned University of Oxford in England publicly released some recent sample admission interview questions:
Biological Sciences: Introduce a cactus.
Theology: Is someone who risks their own life and those of others in extreme sports or endurance activities a hero or a fool?
Psychology: What is 'normal' for humans?
Biomedical Sciences: Why do a cat's eyes appear to 'glow' in the dark?
Music: If you could invent a new musical instrument, what kind of sound would it make?
Do you have the answers?

to read more on the above topic goto:
Trust Steven to be interested in such a random topic.


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10/21 17:57 Now bald, hats have become my best friend! Haha!

(44 min ago) "Tonight I had Korean BBQ for dinner. Really happy!

Love the above picture -- very artistic and very mysterious. What eyes lie beneath the cap's brim? Sad, pensive, quiet? Open, closed, dazed? etc!

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