Thursday, October 28, 2010

Air, Bygones be bygones, Abalone, Kent Cheng, 4 Birthdays

Steven tvb blog is #1 four times in a row! Congratulations!

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10/28 19:23 Transfer! Happy, 4 birthday people together!

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10/28 16:51 Fei Lou Bai, reading what you said truly touched me! I will work hard, promise! Know you're currently filming in Mainland. Wishing you smooth sailing, good health and happiness! Siu Ma.

10/28 15:13 Steven@Maggie Cheung Ho Yee: Thank you, Bak Hap. Don’t know when we will collaborate again. Maggie @ Steven: Fuk Tao, Many returns of the day, be happy!!!

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10/28 14:07 A plate of abalone lo mein as a reward to myself! Haha! Last night’s elation still remains! Wishing everyone be happy everyday, too. Ka yao!

10/28 6:30 Once there was a friend. I thought if I treated her well, perhaps, conscious of it she would reciprocate in kind! But, because of various reasons, I hurt her, and she hurt me, too! Today, we met again and talked at length of the past. Turn out, who owes who is actually not important at all. Maybe the starlight of that time was brilliant, but, it does not mean tonight’s moonlight can't regain its past brightness! Friend, it’s all in the heart! In the heart! 

TN: At first thought he was talking about Sonija Kwok, but now am pretty sure he meant Astrid Chan. After all these years, on October 28th Steven and Astrid finally saw each again doing othe stage recording of 善心滿載仁愛堂hosted by Astrid.  see photos

10/28 2:38 Air, transcending my spirit. Although it has no life, it is the very basis for my being alive. When it drifts in the space between you and me, it silently links us together. An inhale, an exhale; bring in some, also take away some! What if in the end, really has to go? The left behind nutrient is already stored deeply inside the heart.

TN: Forgiveness so liberating yet so hard to do, and so essential as a genuine Christian. Good for Steven for being able to let go and forgive.
Can my admiration for him go any higher?

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  1. Pretty sure Astrid Chan and Maggie Cheung didn't get a long once too. Maggie said when she first entered the business via Miss HK she made a friend and that friend betrayed her and there were a lot of misunderstandings that did not sit well. Later Astrid got on Team Jessica and blasted Maggie. Eventually she broke up with Team Jessica regarding contract negotiations--something about Jessica saying they should leave TVB but she ended up renewing her own contract. It's nice that Steven and Astrid patched things up, but Astrid has a pattern.